Tricycles: Comparison and Buying Guide

As we well know, children usually take their first steps when they are around 12 months old, although some begin to walk earlier but it is not normal. Children at first begin to walk without good balance, but after a certain time and practice the children have better stability when walking. Riding a tricycle requires coordination and maturity as they must use both the handlebars and the pedals to operate it.

There are tricycles on the market for adults to carry children and they also have a seat belt to keep the children secured and not fall to the ground.

little boy riding his red tricycle on the street

Having a baby have a tricycle makes him develop many skills and advance in development. As we know how difficult it is to choose a good tricycle for our child, so here we are going to explain everything you need to know to choose well!

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What are tricycles for kids? Who invented tricycles for kids?

Children’s tricycles are made up of two handlebars, two pedals and three wheels. It looks a lot like a bicycle but with much more stability and balance, the seat can have a backrest and a seat belt for tricycles that are for children who are still small.

The first tricycles that we know are those of the late eighteenth century and its invention can be attributed to the German Carl Benz or the French Blanchar and Maguier in the eighteenth century it was a means of transport for eccentric people and the aristocracy.

Over the years, they began to make wooden tricycles for children.

mother teaching her daughter to ride her tricycle on the living room

Tricycle benefits for kids

Tricycles bring many benefits to the little ones, so it is important that each child has one. Among the many benefits we find:

  • Improves visual-motor coordination and balance.
  • The child is aware of his motor skills and dimensions.
  • De-stress and helps channel energy.
  • Tricycle rides improve perception of time, distance, and space.
  • It helps to know the environment, to move, increases self-esteem, creativity and self-confidence.
  • Improve sleep habits and release energy.

Where to buy tricycles for kids?

Tricycles for children can be bought at a toy store, department store or supermarkets. The bigger the store, the more variety of tricycles for children you will find. If what you are looking for is a variety of models and brands, the best option is online stores. In online stores you have a wide catalog, more than if you go to a physical store since they cannot display all the models.

For example, Amazon has a very good price on children’s tricycles, it has a great variety and a good return policy that benefits the buyer. To help you in the search, we are going to leave you the link with the best offers of tricycles for children that we have found on Amazon.

Types of tricycle

In the market there is a wide variety of tricycles for children for all tastes and ages. We know that choosing is difficult so we want to help you by talking about the different models on the market and the best products of each type.

  • Evolutionary tricycle / multipurpose / stroller: These models called evolutionary tricycle are transforming from stroller to tricycle while the baby is having autonomy and developing skills. Some models become a bike without pedals. This model usually has: safety harness, hood or sun visor, pedals, backrest, a basket, bell / horn, a pole to handle the tricycle, etc.

  • Tricycle Double Seats: These tricycles are designed for twins or just brothers who are only a few months old. These double seat tricycles are very comfortable, they take up little space and you can put them anywhere.
Father taking his son to the park and pushing him on his push tricycle
  • Tricycle with push handle: This tricycle with a stick for an adult to push is perfect for children who are still young and do not yet have good autonomy or good coordination. They are completely safe and come with a harness so that the child does not fall to the ground.

  • Tricycle balance bike: This model is a mix between a tricycle and a bicycle and is intended especially for children who already have coordination and autonomy.

How to choose the Tricycle that best suits your child?

Are you thinking of buying a tricycle for your child? Choosing a tricycle model for your child is difficult due to the wide variety of designs and models on the market. Next we will name the factors that must be taken into account to buy the right one:

  • We must take into account the age of our son, there are many models that are aimed at specific ages.
  • The size of the tricycle is a factor that we must take into account so that the child is comfortable and can use it well reaching the pedals.
  • The wheels of the tricycle must provide stability, tricycles are used by children who still do not have good autonomy and coordination.
  • The tricycle paint must be non-toxic and the edges and finishes must be round to avoid hazards.
  • Make sure it complies with the safety regulations of the European community.
  • If the tricycle has extras such as lights, sounds and other accessories that will make your child’s ride magical.
boy and girl riding their tricycles on the street together

What are the best tricycles for adults? The five best tricycles for adults

The first tricycles that were created in the world were adult tricycles. In recent times, urban mobility has changed a lot, that is why we find that tricycles for adults are quite in demand by today’s society. They are simple to use and also have the capacity to put and carry everything you need.

What are the best brands for tricycles for kids?

Not sure which brand of children’s tricycle to buy? There are currently a wide variety of brands on the market, but the best tricycles for children are Smoby, Chicco, Feber and Kinderkraft. Next we are going to select the best tricycle of each brand.

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