Trampolines: Comparison and Buying Guide

Trampolines are one of the games that most amuse children because they cause a sensation of flying safely. Not only is it a game that amuses children, but most adults also aim to enjoy a fun time full of laughter.

Having and enjoying a trampoline at home is a beneficial investment for the health of all the people who use it, in this way we will keep children away from toys and electronic objects.

This game is quite simple and easy to practice, children must jump, rise and do pirouettes on the elastic canvas taking advantage of the momentum of the legs. Years ago, trampolines were used mostly by people who worked in the circus but they have become fashionable in society for years.

girl jumping on her kids trampolin on her room

The best trampolines for kids of 2021: Our favorites

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What is a trampoline?

The trampolines are bases with springs prepared to jump with the aim of having fun and doing physical exercise. In the beginning this object was exclusively used by the circus, but with the passage of time the trampolines have become collective use by children and adults.

Trampolines is a raised bed that is supported by springs or elastic cords that allow us to jump and do safe acrobats.

Today trampolines have entered the world of sports, they are used for training or warming up.

Trampolines have many benefits. What are you waiting for to have your trampoline at home?

little girl bouncing on her red and blue trampolin on the living room

Who invented the trampoline?

George Nissen took some steel bars from an old bed and put a fabric with a structure to tension it. Trampolines were born in 1934 and his invention was brought to the Olympics in Sydney in 2000.

Nissen passed away at the age of 96 on April 6 in a California hospital. His first trampoline prototype was made with the help of Larry Griswold.

Nissen was born in Iowa and came from a Danish family, he studied engineering at the University of Iowa where his classmates helped him perfect his invention.

Three years after his invention and after winning several gymnastics competitions, he earned a degree in business. Without thinking, he went out with two friends to tour the country with his wonderful invention.

Benefits of playing on the trampoline

The trampoline is a very good form of fun while doing sports. It has been shown to improve mental and physical condition, reduce stress, improve coordination and balance, improve flexibility, etc. Then we will name the benefits one by one.

  • It increases the flow in the blood in the veins as well as the lymphatic circulation.
  • Improves circulation.
  • You burn calories.
  • Improves breathing.
  • Strengthens the lungs and heart.
  • Improves elasticity, coordination and balance.
  • Helps stress and disconnect from routine.
  • Helps fight depression.
  • Stimulates the metabolism.
  • Reduces triglycerides and cholesterol levels.
  • Improves digestion .
  • Increases the activity of the red bone marrow by producing more red blood cells.

Where to buy a trampoline?

You can buy trampolines in sports stores, toy stores, supermarkets and department stores. If you are going to buy from a store you will not see all the models of trampolines for children and adults exposed because they do not have enough space.

For example, in online stores you can find all the models and buy the prices.

We recommend Amazon, in this store you will find a variety of trampolines for children and adults to buy with different prices and high quality. You will also be able to see the reviews of the clients and if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it without giving explanations and easily.

sister and brother playing together on the living room on their kids trampolines

Top 5 trampolines on the market of 2021

If you are interested in buying a trampoline then you are reading this article that mainly aims to help you choose the best trampoline that is currently on the market in price and quality.

LBLA 55” Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net and Frame Cover

Children can exercise safely with the LBLA 55 ”Kids model. This trampoline is 55 inches in diameter, 63 inches high. This bed supports a weight of no more than 100 kilos and is very safe due to the protective nylon mesh with zip.

LBLA 55” Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net and Frame Cover, Trampoline for Children Jumping Training Indoor Outdoor Activities 4 5 6 years old

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PLENY 36″ Kids Mini Trampoline with Handle

This children’s trampoline is recommended for children over three years of age and supports a weight of 220 Ibs. It has a grip to facilitate jumps and provide security, although it is convenient for an adult to monitor it.

PLENY 36" Boys Indoor Trampoline with Handle, Safe Trampoline for Kids (Navy Blue)

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little girl playing with her turtle trampolines for kids indoor

EUGAD Trampoline

This trampoline is versatile, comfortable, resistant and safe. It has good elasticity, it has a security zipper to enter and exit, it is made of high quality materials and it is taken care of down to the last details so that children have good security.

EUGAD Trampoline, Outdoor 8ft Trampoline Heavy Duty Fitness Trampette Garden Trampoline Safety Net Complete Set Jumping for Adults,Kids,Blue

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Plum Kids Magnitude Trampoline and 3G Enclosure

This trampoline has a 3G box that protects the jumper. The frame is made of steel and its legs have a locking system for greater security.

Plum 10ft Magnitude Springsafe Trampoline & Enclosure

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Galt Toys Nursery Trampoline

This trampoline is for younger children who want to have fun jumping. It is one of the best-selling models on Amazon for children over 1 year.

Galt Toys, Nursery Trampoline - Turtle, Trampolines for Kids, Ages 1 Year Plus

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How to build a trampoline?

Not all trampoline models are assembled in the same way, so it is important to look at the instructions to assemble it correctly. Below we have left you a video of a trampoline model so you can see how it is assembled correctly.

What to look for when buying a trampoline?

Before buying a trampoline we must take into account a series of key factors for the correct choice.

  • We have to take into account the age of the person who is going to use it since as we know there are trampolines for adults or trampolines for children.
  • We have to see that the material of the trampoline is made of durable and high quality materials.
  • Design is another factor that we must take into account since as you know there are an infinity of models on the market.
  • We must look at the weight limit, since each trampoline supports a specific weight.
  • The dimensions must be taken into account to see if it fits in the place you have in mind.
  • We have to take security into account, this point is quite important to avoid scares.
little boy bouncing on his kids trampolin on the living room

Is jumping the trampoline a good for exercise?

Jumping on the trampoline is one of the best exercises out there as it strengthens and develops many skills. We are facing an extraordinary product if we want to exercise or simply remove stress and improve our quality of life.

In addition, experts say that it helps depression, improve coordination and balance and breathe more deeply. What are you waiting for to have yours at home?

Which trampoline has the best bounce?

The best trampoline with the best rebound is Homemaxs MOVTOTOP Indoor trampoline, it has the latest technology on the market and can be used by children over three years of age and adults. It is a trampoline to use indoors, that’s why it has a small size.

MOVTOTOP Indoor trampoline, Exercise Trampoline for Kids Adults, Mini Fitness Trampoline - Max Load 220lbs (Black 38)

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