Swings: Comparison and Buying Guide

What child has not enjoyed playing on the swings alone or with friends? All children at some point in their life have played on a swing. Would you like to have a swing at home for your children to enjoy?

Currently there are a variety of models and prices so it is not difficult to have one at home since there are cheap and good quality. Next we will inform you of everything you have to know about swings with the help of experts so that you buy the best one.

little boy sitting down on the hedstrom swing on his garden ready to swing himself

The best garden swings for children of 2021 on the market: Our recommendation

What are swings?

The swings are devices that are formed by a seat attached to chains or ropes of a firm structure. The person who is preparing to use it will move back and forth.

The swings are used for children around the world to have fun and enjoy themselves. As a general rule, if the child still does not reach the ground, the adult is in charge of pushing him.

There are a variety of models of swings, there are them with or without a backrest, there are plastic, canvas, wood or other materials.

When were swings invented?

It is not known exactly when the swing was invented, it is said that about the 14th century.

The origins of the swing come from different aspects:

  • It had a religious sense for the Greeks, they performed rituals to the God of wine to purify sins.
  • Other people claim that it was Hippocrates who invented the swing to play sports and thus maintain a good body and combat melancholy.
  • In Andalusia it was said that Cervantes was telling that the girls were swinging on swings while singing at special events such as the grape harvest.
little girl swinging on his wooden swing

Benefits of playing on the swings

That children play on the swings brings many benefits in the development of children:

  • It develops the balance in the child by the different changes of position and speed.
  • They promote self-confidence as they control their movements and their body. The child begins to be aware of the strength in the legs and arms.
  • It helps to improve motor skills and the concept of space, playing on the swings is a perfect exercise to strengthen the back and neck and help to stay in good position and eliminate bad posture.
  • It favors socialization, teamwork and communication, being an outdoor game, children tend to socialize more with other children and with adults. When we go to public parks, children learn to take turns and share.
  • The swings promote autonomy and imagination since it is an outdoor juice that encourages free movement. Children will feel independent and autonomous and will acquire new skills.

Where I can buy swings?

If you are looking for a seesaw swing you can buy them in any baby store, but if you are looking for the traditional swing you can buy it in garden stores or in large stores.

Another option is to buy the swing in online stores, you will be able to see more variety of models than if you go to a physical store.

One of the stores with great quality and variety of swings is Amazon, you can see the opinions of the customers and if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it easily and quickly.

How to choose the best swing for your children?

There are many swing models on the market for different ages, so it is important to choose the right model for your child. You must take into account certain factors to choose the best and most appropriate to the needs of your child.

  • You must take into account the size, weight and age to buy the swing that best suits the characteristics of the child.
  • The characteristics of the seat, whether it is padded, reclining or a seat for a baby.
  • Make it a safe swing, if it is a swing for a baby we have to see that the swing comes with a harness.
  • See that the structure and materials of the swing are resistant and light so that it is easy to use.

Swing models

baby having fun on his baby swing on the garden
  • Baby swings: Babies enjoy and have a lot of fun on the swings, without forgetting that they are very beneficial for their development.
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8 new from £39.95
as of September 29, 2021 2:01 am
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7 new from £59.99
as of September 29, 2021 2:01 am
Last updated on September 29, 2021 2:01 am

  • Single swing: Swings with a seat are perfect if you don’t have many children. These one-seat swings are usually cheaper than the two-seat ones.
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9 new from £65.99
as of September 29, 2021 2:01 am
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4 new from £42.09
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5 new from £46.95
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Last updated on September 29, 2021 2:01 am

kids playing on their swings on the garden
  • Double Swing: Double seat swings come in handy when you have several children or when you have a nursery school or college.

  • Wooden Swing: The swings are made of many materials, the most demanded are those that are made of wood since they are much more resistant and durable.

boys playing together on their tree swing
  • Swing Tree: These swings are made to be placed and tied to a tree. They are very resistant and safe and cheaper than a classic swing.

Why swings are fun?

The garden swings are very fun and they are also used from when they are babies until they are approximately 12 years old.

Children feel fear and vertigo that in most cases turns into happiness in children. Children enjoy speed, heights and balance making them feel free and causing them extreme happiness. Getting on a swing only brings positive benefits to children, so we recommend that your children enjoy this complete game.

little girl pushing her friend on the swing to swing faster

Are swings good for babies?

Without a doubt, the swing is essential and beneficial in the development of babies. Babies are attracted to movements and the swing brings wonderful sensations that make babies laugh with happiness.

Are swings good exercise for kids?

Of course! The swings are a way to exercise while children have fun, this juice helps to strengthen the legs and arms and also develops a certain body dexterity.

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