Smoby: Comparison and Buying Guide

Smoby manufactures toys of all kinds of high quality and also manufactures slides, toy kitchens, tricycles and much more to entertain and stimulate children.

Are you looking for the best toy brand? Are you not only looking for toys but other fun products for your child? Looking for a safe brand that is not dangerous? The Smoby brand has been in the market for many years manufacturing high quality and safe toys for children. We know that the choice is difficult due to the wide variety of products on the market, for this reason we want to help you by informing and giving advice.

little boy playin like he is the manager of his smoby coffee house shop

best Smoby toys of 2021 on the market: our favorites

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What is Smoby?

This brand emerged in 1924 in Lavans-les-Saint-Claude in France, at first it manufactured wooden tubes. After World War II they started to manufacture plastic articles for houses and finally in 1978 this company began to manufacture toys.

Currently the products are manufactured in France in the Jura region, they have one of the most modern factories with the largest surface area.

This company manufactures high quality toys, toy kitchens, playhouses, rides on, slides, tricycles and many more products for children to have fun.

Where I can buy Smoby toys?

You can buy Smoby toys in a toy store or in large shopping centers. Would you like to buy Smoby toys without leaving home? Buying online is one of the most used options today due to its many advantages.

On the other hand, in addition to buying in the official Smoby store, you can also buy in the Smoby page that you have on Amazon.

Amazon serves the customer quickly, lets you see customer reviews and lets you return the product without explanations and with ease.

Is Smoby a known brand?

The Smoby Group has several well-known brands, among them are Majorette, Smoby and Berchet. Smoby has been manufacturing high-quality toys and entertainment products for children for many years. This brand is not only known in Europe but it is a brand that is known worldwide.

What Smoby products does Amazon UK sell?

Would you like to know the Smoby products that they sell on Amazon UK? Smoby manufactures a wide variety of toys and products, that is why we want to inform you of all the products on the market.

brothers and sister playing together on their smoby playhouse on the garden
  • Smoby Playhouses: Smoby is a leading manufacturer of plastic Playhouses. Children have a lot of fun playing this game and they also have a wide variety of models.

boy and girl playing together on the living room with their smoby supermarket
  • Smoby supermarket: Smoby manufactures plastic supermarkets for children that are quite complete. Children imitate adults while playing.

little girl playing on the garden with her smoby slide
  • Smoby slide: Smoby is the leader in plastic slides for children. The slides are one of the outdoor toys that children like the most. This brand has a wide catalog of slides, has a high quality design and meets all safety rules.
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Little boy riding on the street his smoby claas pedal ride on tractorcclass and taking some cargo on his trailer
  • Smoby Ride on: What kid doesn’t like to ride in a vehicle? Smoby has an extensive catalog of vehicles, motorcycles and tricycles for children.
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3 new from £26.71
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boy and girl playing together to cook some food on their smoby red kitchen
  • Smoby Kitchen: Smoby has an extensive catalog of plastic kitchens. Children play symbolic games while having fun and playing with other children.

How to build a Smoby playhouse with kitchen?

To build a Smoby playhouse with a kitchen it is essential to first look at the instructions that come in the purchase box. If you see that the instructions are complicated, then you can watch a YouTube video of the model that you have bought for your children.

Also below we are going to leave you an explanatory video of how to set up a playhouse with a kitchen.

What are the best accessories for Smoby playhouses?

Smoby is the leader in plastic playhouses for children. This company has several models of playhouse and many accessories to complement the playhouse. Next we will make a small selection of the best accessories for the playhouses.

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