Scalextric: Comparison and Buying Guide

Scalextric came onto the market in the 60s and since then its demand has grown considerably. Children enjoy careers full of emotions alone or with friends. Today there are many fans who cannot live without a Scalextric for this reason we have made a selection of the most desired Scalextrics on Amazon. You will find both the most classic circuits and the new generation of circuits.

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The Best Scalextric sets of 2021 on the market: our favorites

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What is Scalextric? When was Scalextric invented?

The Scalextric were designed in 1952 by the engineer Fred Francis, he created a system to move metal cars. It was a success among children and adults. The first SCX car was a beautiful Jaguar XK120 replica.

About the year 1957 there was a great drop in sales, for this reason Francis evolved the SCX product to what we know today. He manufactured and incorporated an engine into high-speed cars and created special tracks for these cars to run around.

Where to buy Scalextric?

You can buy Scalextric in toy stores or large shopping centers. If you are one of those who likes to buy online, you also have a wide variety of trusted pages where you can compare what you need.

For example, Amazon has a great variety of models and brands, you will also find the latest news on the market. It has excellent customer service, Scalextrics prices are cheaper and returns are faster and easier.

Shopping guide: How to buy a good Scalextric

Before buying a Scaletrix we must take into account a series of aspects that we will name below.

  • First we must be clear about the manufacturer or brand we want to buy. The most prominent brands are Scalextric or Carrera Go!
  • We must know if we want to buy an analog Scaletrix or digital Scaletric.
  • Scalextric has several lines within its own brand such as original Scalextric, Scalextric compact (They are smaller), Scalextric Digital System or My first Scalextrix (Version for children 2-4 years old)
  • Some Scalextric sets come with various accessories such as starting signals, overtaking sections, loopings, etc. If you want it complete, take a good look at what comes in each pack.
  • Make sure you are clear about the size of the Scalextric once assembled.

Once you are clear about these aspects of the Scalextric you will surely make a good purchase!

father and mother racing between them on scalextric while kids are cheer for them on the living room

The best Scalextric’s brands on the market

The best known brands of racing games are three: Scalextric, Carrera and Nico.

Scalextric Logo
  • Scalextric: This brand has several lines such as Scalextric Sport tracks, Scalextric cars, Scalextric compact Scalextric Digital System (SCX Style Track) or My first Scalextrix (Version for children 2-4 years old).

Carrera Logo
  • Carrera: It is another of the best-selling brands but of a somewhat lower quality than SCX. The tracks are made of plastic and are usually somewhat narrower.

Ninco Logo
  • Ninco: It is the least known brand of the three but of great quality. It is quite resistant and it is also very easy to assemble and disassemble.

What are Scalextric cars?

Scalextric cars are miniature size cars with electric traction on the back. It has a slot in the car that acts as a guide and a power socket so that the car works well on the track. This is also called slot machines.

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What are Scalextric sets?

Scalextric sets are sales packs that usually include tracks ,race cars and control knobs.

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What are Scalextric tracks?

Scalextric tracks are tracks designed especially for Scalextric cars to run at full speed.

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brothers dress as batman and superman racing together on their scalextric justice league batman vs superman mains powered race set on their room

How does Scalextric works?

Don’t you know how Scalextric works? So that you can see it better and understand it, we have attached an explanatory YouTube video below.

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