Sandboxes: Comparison and Buying Guide

Children during the first years of life and growth, children show interest and curiosity to explore everything that surrounds them, so having a children’s sandbox at home is a great option for the child to be entertained and have fun. We cannot always take our children to the beach, to the garden, to the park, so having a sandpit or plastic sandbox will make the child have fun alone or with friends.

The sandboxes have many benefits, they are also very fun play spaces that help develop motor skills, language skills, social skills without forgetting that you also become familiar with the outside.

little baby girl playing on the garden with the sand on her hexagonal wooden sandpit

Before buying a sandbox it is important that you inform yourself and get to know the best models on the market. Keep reading … !!!

The best sandboxes for kids of 2021 on the market: Our selection

What is a sandbox?

A sandbox is a space in which children play with sand, they are usually located in home gardens, parks, nursery schools and schools.

There are a wide variety of models, with different sizes, materials and shapes. There are open sandboxes and closed sandboxes.

Benefits of a child playing in a sandbox

The arena offers great learning to the smallest of the house, below we are going to list the many benefits of playing this game.

  • Helps to develop creativity in a free space.
  • Develop children’s senses.
  • Children imagine that they are characters or imitate real life situations, this is called symbolic play.
  • Children with sticks or fingers draw letters and numbers in the sand, we would be developing literacy.
  • Children with sticks or fingers draw letters and numbers in the sand, we would be developing writing.
  • It also develops gross motor skills.
  • Children learn against shapes, to fill sand buckets, to draw geometric shapes and to work on concepts such as half or third. We would be working the math.
  • Children increase their vocabulary considerably, name new objects, new friends, etc.
  • Develops social skills, children cooperate, play as a team, etc.
  • Children learn hygiene habits as we teach them to clean their hands, shake sand from clothing, and remove sand from shoes.
mother and daughters playing together making sand castles on the gardens sandbox pit

Where can I buy a children’s sandpit?

You can buy sandboxes for children at a garden store, toy store, or department store. In stores we cannot have all the sandboxes exposed for space.

If you are one of those who like to buy without leaving home, online stores like Amazon have many designs and a variety of models at different prices. In addition, Amazon attends the customer quickly for any questions and if for anything you are not satisfied with the product you can return it quickly and without giving explanations.

Models of Kids sandboxes

  • Wooden sandpit without roof: The sandboxes made of wood are made mostly of fir or pine. There are models in lacquered wood in colors or in natural wood. They usually have different shapes: rectangular, square, hexagonal, octagonal, boat-shaped … etc. Some models come with a protective cover, anti-weed nets, benches to sit and play, and an area to store sand toys.

  • Children’s wooden sandpit with roof: If the sandbox, in addition to being wooden, has a roof, it will be a very useful complement when it rains or shines. Some models let you regulate the roof and others may even have a porch. These sandboxes for children have quite beautiful designs, also decorating the garden of the house.

little girl playing on her wooden sandbox outdoors
  • Plastic children’s sandboxes: This type of sandbox is made of hard plastic, we can find many shapes such as shells, turtles, butterflies and quite striking colors for children. It mostly comes with a lid to protect and care for the litter box. This model is characterized by its low weight and by being able to be placed anywhere and stored quickly and easily.

  • Plastic sand and water tables: With this model children have fun and enjoy playing with water and sand. Being months, children must play standing up but we also have to say that some models already come with chairs and stools, This model is quite useful because it can be placed anywhere, it can be easily stored with accessories to play with sand and bring cover.

  • Wooden sand and water tables: The wooden water and sand tables are just as resistant as the plastic ones, the only difference is that the wooden ones have more design and are also more expensive. The models come with a lid and some models have benches.

What to look for when buying a sandbox?

There are numerous models on the market but to be successful in the purchase of the children’s sandbox it is necessary to look at some aspects to be successful in the purchase.

  • You must take into account the size you have on the outside to place it. It is preferable that where you place it there is a wide space so that children can move easily when playing.
  • The shape we would like to choose for children, there are rectangular, square or round.
  • We have to look out for the safety of our children so we have to take into account that the corners are protected.
  • We must look at manufacturing materials to ensure performance and durability.
  • We can look at the finishes, that will mean quality. On the market there are plastic, wood and metal sandboxes for children.
  • It is not the most important point but many models come with game accessories.
little boy playing on the park with her green turtle plastic sandbox

Why buy a sandbox for children?

There are many advantages that this product offers us, so it is advisable to buy one for your children to have fun. It is a space for children to socialize and interact with others. In the playgrounds there is a good space for two or more children to play at the same time in the sandbox.

Ideal toys and accessories for playing with sand

The children’s sandboxes have enough space to play with an endless number of sandbox toys. Here we have selected the 6 best accessories for sandbox.

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Are sandboxes safe?

The sandboxes are safe as long as they are filled with the appropriate material, which in this case is sand and the corners are not protruding. Likewise, adults have to be aware of children so that scares do not occur.

kids playing outdoors on their kidkraft pirate sandboat wooden sandbox

Where should I place a sandbox for kids?

A good area to place the children’s sandbox is a large place where children have space to play with ease of movement. It is advisable that there are no large trees nearby to avoid dangers.

How to clean a sandbox?

Cleaning a children’s sandpit is quite simple, you have to use a rake or a sandbox shovel. These game accessories allow us to make grooves to collect dirt. Here is an explanatory video where you will see better how to clean a children’s sandbox.

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