Roller Skates: Comparison and Buying Guide

When the good weather arrives, you always want to go for a run, to walk quietly through the streets or in the countryside or simply take a walk on inline skates. In this way, you enjoy doing sports outdoors, clear your mind and improve your physical condition.

Inline skates allow you to move around your city while doing sports and exercising your legs and ass, they are also cheaper than electric scooters.

In the market there is a great variety of skates, there are fitness skates, freeskate skates, skates for professionals, skates for beginners, skates for children, aggressive skates. The models most demanded by adults who enjoy skating are fitness skates and free skates.

boy and girl skating with their rollerblades on the park

In this article we will analyze and compare the best inline roller skates for adults and children as well as the best brands of inline skates on the market.

The six best children’s roller skates of 2021 on the market: Our selection

What are roller skates?

Roller skates are used to move from one place to another comfortably thanks to the wheel bearings that are under the base. The boot of most models fits perfectly to the foot and fits the ankle. There are several models on the market: children’s skates, girls skates and adult skates, there are also for professionals and beginners.

Roller skating benefits us in our physical condition, it also improves breathing and heart. Whoever performs this activity knows that it is an exercise in which many calories are burned and a lot of energy is used.

When roller skates were invented?

Belgian inventor John Joseph Merlin was the first to patent the roller skate. In 1760, his invention was an ice skate with wheels.

It was something quite rudimentary so it was difficult to brake and also to accelerate so they did not become very popular.

At present, inline skates have been gradually evolving and have been divided into different modalities, For example, today speed skating or figure skating have become very popular and were officially proposed as a sport in the 2020 Olympic games.

girls learning to skate on their rollerskates going through cones

Benefits of roller skating

Skating has many benefits, it is a physical activity that contributes and helps both physical and mental health.

Skating nowadays has become quite popular not only with children but adults also enjoy skating. For example, when summer or spring arrives, this type of sports shoots up considerably since it is a sport that is practiced in open places and outdoors. This does not mean that in winter and autumn you can not enjoy skating in the cool while you are sheltered through the streets of your city.

  • Roller skating improves balance, coordination, and concentration. These factors are essential if we want to skate and not be on the ground continuously.
  • It improves our reflexes by forcing us to respond quickly to the appearance of objects in order to avoid them etc.
  • The muscles of the body are strengthened and physical resistance improves.
  • Skating favors the health of the heart and lungs, it also activates blood circulation.
  • It burns energy and quite a few calories, you can burning 300 calories.
  • It is a sport that disconnects from the routine and takes away your stress.
  • It favors the secretion of endorphins.

Where can I buy roller skates for kids?

You can buy roller skates for children in sports stores, toy stores and large stores. In stores you will not be able to see all the models that are on the market by space, so you can buy in online stores such as Amazon that has the best brands of roller skates, it has many models, high quality and if for any You are not satisfied with the product, you can return it without giving explanations and quickly.

adult couple going rollerblading together on the street

Skate rollers models

We have a multitude of brands and models on the market, so it is convenient for everyone to find the perfect model to enjoy life on wheels.

  • Roller skates for girls: The roller skates for girls are usually four wheels or inline roller skates. The colors are mostly pastel colors.

  • Roller Skates for boys: You can buy children’s skates with four wheels or inline skates. The colors are usually black, blue and red.

  • Roller Skates for adults: You can buy adult’s skates with four wheels or inline skates. The colors are usually black, pink and yellow.

What to consider when buying inline skates?

Are you looking for inline skates? If so, there are three things that we must take into account: you always have to choose a size larger than the size you use in your daily shoes, the size of the wheels and if you prefer a hard or a soft boot. Then watch this very interesting explanatory video that will help you in your purchase.

This model of skates is perfect whether you want to move around the city or if you want to play sports. These inline skates are known for providing absolute comfort and for having a very good fit. These models are ideal for all ages.

  • Wheels size: The choice of wheel size will depend on whether you are going to do long distances or not. If you are looking for inline skates to skate long distances it is advisable to use large wheels, this will use less energy and can maintain speed. A 90-100-110mm wheel is recommended If you are going to skate short distances, the wheels should be smaller. These skates are easy to use and control as they can rotate and control more easily. The recommended wheel is 80-84mm.
  • Wheel hardness: The hardness of the wheels is indicated by an A, the more numbers of A the harder they are and the less A they have, the softer the wheels are. The wheel durometer affects the grip, durability and shock absorption of the wheels. The harder wheels have higher speed and greater durability but have less shock absorption and less grip. The softer wheels have lower durability and speed and better grip and shock absorption.
  • Bearings: Bearing is important to ensure that inline skates perform at their best. Likewise, for this to work properly, we must avoid humidity and water as well as dirt and sand. The bearings are guided according to the ABEC scale, for example the higher the ABEC the greater the resistance and the greater precision.
  • Boots and liners: There are two types of boots, there are the hard boots and the soft boots. Soft boots are usually well ventilated and the boot is usually more comfortable, while the hard boot gives us more control and is usually more stable.
  • Ankle boots: The fitness inline skates can be in the form of a booty although it is not necessary since the current designs provide high comfort.
  • Inline skates for women and men: The designs are separated into men and women, but there is not much difference in the visual design, but we have to say that there are some brands that have been adapted to female feet and male feet.
  • Size-Fit: As we have mentioned before, it is important to buy a size more than your usual footwear and it is advisable to try the skates for approximately 15 minutes to see if these inline skates really suit you. You should be able to move your toes and they should not touch the toe of the boot. The adjustment of an inline skate is something purely personal, so the skates that you decide to buy look that they fit well.
  • Closing System: Inline skates come with two lacing and closure buckles. The buckles are much faster than if we use laces. Choose one closure or another is personal.
  • Brake: The skates mostly come with a pre-mounted brake but if you prefer you can place it on the other foot.
  • Chassis: The chassis that has the fitness skates is usually made of aluminum, which is more stable and rigid.
  • Protections: It is important that if you are going to start skating and do not control much that you buy safety accessories such as helmets and knee pads.

The best brands of roller skates

K2 Logo
  • K2 is a brand from the United States that has become known mainly worldwide two or three years ago. Now this brand can be found anywhere and they manufacture high quality.
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2 used from £75.00
Last updated on May 26, 2021 3:05 am
Fila Logo
  • Fila is a brand that was founded in 1911 in Biella by Giansevero Fila in 1911. Currently Fila belongs to the Fila Korea group and its headquarters are located in Seoul. Fila roller skates are high quality and well priced.
in stock
2 new from £56.56
Last updated on May 26, 2021 3:05 am

Rollerblade Logo
  • Rollerblade is one of the best known brands in inline skates and was founded by two brothers in 1980.
in stock
3 new from £79.44
in stock
2 new from £110.81
Last updated on May 26, 2021 3:05 am

Roces Logo
  • Roces was founded by Scott Olson, an American hockey player who in the 80s. It manufactures several lines of comfortable, versatile and stable skates.
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2 new from £118.59
Last updated on May 26, 2021 3:05 am

What roller skates are good for beginners?

Do you want to start skating? For a beginner it is recommended that you start using skates that are designed for beginners.

Here is a video of how to learn to roller skate in 30 days.

Are roller skates a good exercise?

Roller skating is one of the best and most complete exercises, in fact it strengthens muscles, improves heart health and burns calories. The parts of the body that work the most are the buttocks, legs and trunk, burning an average of 600 calories per hour without forgetting that it helps to disconnect and remove stress.

Which one is better roller skates or roller blades?

It depends on tastes, but it is true that roller blades are easier to handle than roller skates, they give the skater more stability.

Are roller skates safe?

The roller skates are safe if you use the necessary protective accessories such as the use of a helmet and knee pads. Like any skater, he can slip, trip and fall to the ground. If you are going to start roller skating, it is advisable to use inline skates that are more stable than four-wheel skates.

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