PlayHouses: Comparison and Buying Guide

Playhouses for both exterior and interior are one of the toys that children of all ages like the most. This game has many benefits, among which we highlight that it stimulates creativity and imagination. Also through this game children socialize with more children creating imaginary and fun situations.

If you have an outdoor space, be it a terrace, a garden or another outdoor space and you also have children, we recommend you buy a playhouse.

Children enjoy playing with the playhouse in all seasons of the year but especially when the warm temperatures come is when they enjoy the most. In addition, thanks to high-quality materials and new technologies, these toys are designed to ensure peace of mind, safety and guarantee.

Through this game, children learn the meaning of different social and family roles while playing with their friends, breathing fresh air and with total freedom of expression.

boy and girl playing together on their playhouse

Currently there are different models and brands that design, and also allow you and give you the ability to customize the house and make it more realistic.

Most of the children’s houses are to be used outside, although there are toy houses for use inside a house.

Next we are going to give you the necessary information with the help of experts so that you know the product better and you can buy the best playhouse that meets the needs.

The best playhouses of 2021 on the market our: favorites

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What is a playhouse?

Playhouses are where children develop their independence, let their imagination run wild and develop their creativity to the fullest. In addition, children will learn to respect and organize space and to develop social skills since several children can play.

The 7 benefits of playhouses for children

Playhouses offer many benefits for the growth and development of the child, they can learn by playing and let their imagination run wild. Developing life skills and social skills are some of the things that these gambling houses offer through symbolic play.

  • Playing with playhouses improves children’s health, they are in constant motion and discharge a lot of energy.
  • You improve the skills in the child, stimulate the autonomy and independence in the child, the linguistic competence and the social skills, helps to develop in real life and allows children to interact through role play.
  • They learn to be responsible, but also values and a sense of responsibility by imposing the rules of the game.
  • It allows them to know the world around them and prepare for real life scenarios.
  • They rest much better at night as it helps them discharge energy.
  • They have better physical development and better problem-solving skills.
  • It helps to develop the imagination and creativity in the child.
kids playing on the garden with their wooden playhouse

Where to buy a playhouse

Not sure where to buy a play house for your child? It is very easy, you can buy them in supermarkets, toy stores and department stores. Not all the models will be exposed because they do not have enough space in the store.

Another option is to buy them in online stores, for example Amazon has a variety of important brands such as Feber, Smoby, Kidkraf and Injusa. You will also be able to see all the models that are in the market, the prices and the reviews of the clients who have already bought the product. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it quickly and without explanation.

Types of playhouses

At present we can find a variety of models for all needs and tastes, so much so that we have outdoor playhouses and indoor playhouses.

  • Outdoor play houses: Outdoor juice houses are placed outdoors, they are usually made of hard plastic or wood offering durability and resistance.

  • Indoor playhouses: Playhouses for the interior of a house are made of less resistant materials such as fabric. They are usually shops, circuits and tunnels.

What to look for when buying an outdoor playhouse?

The design, color and decoration of the outdoor playhouse for our children is important, but we also have to take into account factors to ensure the purchase.

  • The size, we must measure the area where we plan to place the game house outside.
  • You have to be clear about the material, there are houses for the exterior of hard plastic or wood but we also have some play houses that are used for the interior and exterior and that are made of fabric.
  • The accessories that we want our house to have for the outside.
  • We have to take into account that the gambling houses do not have small parts to avoid dangers and suffocation.
  • We have to make sure that the assembly of the outdoor game house is not complicated.
brother and sister having fun on their kidkraft wooden playhouse on the garden

The best brands of playhouses for kids

We can talk about many brands of home games on the market but we have to highlight above all four for their route and for their high quality.

Feber Logo
  • Feber is a Spanish company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high quality toys. It is specialized in vehicles, motor equipment and garden structures for children to play outdoors.
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Smoby Logo
  • Smoby is a brand that manufactures toys of all kinds for children, it is a French brand that was born in 1978. With regard to playhouses, we can see that it offers quality, durability and good prices.

KidKraft Logo
  • Kidkraft is a brand that was born in 1968, this manufacturer takes care of every last detail and turns toys into something wonderful.

What furniture to put on a playhouse?

Do you want to furnish your play house? In a play house we can put a variety of furniture to have a cozy and fun-filled house to develop the different roles.

Which playhouse is the most popular to buy?

Smoby is a high quality brand that I really like for children’s playhouses, the model I recommend is the Smoby Kids Playhouse and Kitchen. This playhouse is quite spacious and comes with several accessories for your children to enjoy to the fullest.

About this item:

  • Spacious, outdoor Smoby Wendy house with multiple spaces for fun and games! Play spaces include the main playhouse, kitchen, breakfast bar, and even a secret passageway ensuring once your children get inside they won’t want to leave in a hurry! Help create the memories to give your children the best childhood they can possibly have!
  • This playhouse for kids has 6 windows, 2 shutters, removable picnic area, 1 table, outside bench and an inside bench. There is even an electronic doorbell so your children will know when their friends have arrived! 2 flower pots are at the front of the house to give it a homely feel. The kitchen consists of a grill and sink.
  • Also includes some extra accessories 2 glasses, 2 plates, cutlery, 1 stew pot and 2 sausages. Perfect for giving your kids some help to spark their imagination into cooking some tasty culinary delights! Plenty of extra little touches to add detail such as stone and wood imitation on the playhouse walls.
  • Very quick and easy to assemble kids playhouse and once it is assembled expect it to last a long, long time. Due to the products durability and tough construction the playhouse should be suitable to be stored outside in the garden all year round.
  • Made in France from durable and weatherproof anti-UV plastic. Previous purchasers have remarked on the solidity of the playhouse and the years of use they have had from the product and expect to have in the future, making it the perfect investment!

Smoby Kids Playhouse and Kitchen | Quick & Easy to Assemble Wendy House, Made from Durable & Weatherproof Anti-Uv Plastic

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