Play Kitchens

Play Kitchens

Play kitchens develop symbolic play in children. The play kitchens for both girls and boys allow to develop the imagination by recreating activities that are done in real life. This game also encourages psychomotor skills and also allows the development of language. You can enjoy playing with your children and they themselves become great chefs! Everything will be delicious!

Children's kitchens are one of the most successful and most desired toys by children around the world. Here you can see the best toy kitchens on the market and of the best quality.

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    The best play kitchens of 2021:

    We present you the main reviews of the best play kitchens rated by users in 2021.

    Catalog of play kitchens on sale

    Thinking of buying a play kitchen? We have selected a series of models based on customer ratings and sales at the best price to bring you the best that exists in the market.

    What is a play kitchen?

    This toy so well known and demanded by children around the world is used to amuse, entertain and learn. The objective of toy kitchens is to develop multiple aspects in children both physical and psychological.

    brother and sister playing to cook food on their play kitchen

    Symbolic play takes place through toy kitchens, children love to imitate adults and make delicious dishes.

    What are the benefits of toy kitchens for children?

    The development of children from birth is very important, that is why playing with children's kitchens favors and provides many advantages not only in development but also creates curiosity and interest in the world of cooking.

    There are children's kitchens for all ages, it is important to look on the box for the age at which it is recommended to use. This game can be done at school but it can also be done at home individually or with friends.

    Buy the children's kitchen that you buy for sure your child will be delighted.

    Children's kitchens today are intended for both boys and girls, we also know that they have many benefits since it is an educational toy where in addition to learning to make delicious recipes, healthy habits are also instilled.

    Creativity and imagination are also favored as well as problem solving, organization, motor skills and teamwork.

    little boy playing to bake bread on his play kitchens oven

    Where to buy play kitchens?

    Are you looking for a children's kitchen and you don't know where to buy it? The play kitchen can be bought in toy stores, in the own brand or in large shopping centers.

    Children's kitchens take up a lot of space so they won't have many displayed for the customer to see, that's why we recommend buying online. In online stores like Amazon you can see many models and brands, you can see the reviews of customers who have already bought and also the shipping will be fast and without leaving home.

    What are you waiting to buy yours?

    Tips for choosing a good children's Play kitchens

    Are you thinking of buying a children's kitchen for your children to play? Before buying the children's kitchen you must take into account some aspects.

    In the market there are many innovative brands and many models, you will also find cheaper children's kitchens and more expensive children's kitchens. Next we will name the main purchase criteria so that the purchase is a success.

    The first thing you are going to look at is the design and the colors, you must take into account the child's tastes, if he likes red or pink or and if he likes a classic model, a vintage one or a children's kitchen modern. You should look at the dimensions to see if it will fit you in the place of the house that you had planned.

    The second thing you should look at is the manufacturing material, most of them are made of wood that also decorates the space but there are also plastic children's kitchens.

    Plastic children's kitchens are the most common, easier to assemble, resistant and easy to transport due to their light weight. Wooden kitchens are resistant and more decorative.

    We have to look at the age at which the children's kitchen is directed. Depending on the age recommended by the manufacturer, the height and size will vary, for example children's kitchens for three-year-olds usually have a measurement of 60 cm and for older children they will have larger dimensions.

    The more accessories the better but that also makes the product more expensive. Accessories are essential to make the game more fun, so the more that come when buying the play kitchen, the better.

    We have to make sure that the product we are going to buy complies with the safety regulations strictly. You should check that it is not made of materials that can be toxic, that there are no pointed or sharp edges.

    When they are little we know that they put everything in their mouth, so we must ensure that the kitchen does not have small pieces that can create suffocation in the child.

    little boy playing to cook eggs for breakfast while his sister is cutting the oranges to make juice on their play kitchen

    How to build a Kids play kitchens?

    As we well know, there are children's kitchens of different models and sizes. For the most part, these products are bought disassembled and in boxes but do not worry that assembling the play kitchen is not complicated specially from brands like Smoby and KidKraft and more if you follow the instructions step by step and slowly.

    The kitchens that can become somewhat more complicated are usually the wooden ones that need screws to mount it. On the other hand, there are other models that are simpler such as plastic kitchens that do not need screws to mount them well.

    There is also the option of making your own toy kitchen, then we will leave you an example on YouTube.

    When Should I buy a play kitchen for my kid?

    Are you thinking of buying a toy kitchen for your children? You should buy a toy kitchen when your child is one and a half or two years old. At the beginning it is advisable to buy one that is plastic and cheap and that is not very large. Since at those ages they tend to destroy it. From 4 or 5 years old you can buy a wooden toy kitchen. At this age they will play with more care.

    Get the best KidKraft Play Kitchen of 2021 on sale

    Which play kitchen is the most popular? Are you looking for the best play kitchen? One of the best play kitchen brands that is sweeping the market is the KindKraft brand. Especially the KidKraft 53173 Red Vintage Wooden. It is one of the most real models in the market where your children will enjoy cooking your favorite dishes.

    KidKraft 53173 Red Vintage Wooden Pretend Play Toy Kitchen for Kids with Role Play Phone Included
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