Nancy: Comparison and Buying Guide

Nancy is a doll that belongs to the Famosa company. The image of the doll represents an independent young woman, who works, studies and has a busy social life. It has a wide variety of accessories and several clothes to be beautiful at every moment.

Who has not had a Nancy doll to play with? Nancy was designed by Agustín Juan Alexander who made a modern plastic mannequin doll adapted to the time. When the doll was launched on the market there was no similar doll so far. It was a great success in the toy market and they made a lot of profit.

Nancy-A day doll with dresser and beauty accessories

The best Nancy dolls of 2021 on the market: our favorites

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What is Nancy doll? What are the benefits of playing with Nancy doll?

Nancy dolls are perfect for children to play with, they also learn about the world around them, learn about themselves, develop fantasy, love, care and knowledge. When children play with Nancy dolls, they acquire a role that will help them improve empathy by learning to be more responsible and caring. The use of Nancy dolls help develop fine motor skills, cognitive skills and self-help.

Why should children play with Nancy doll?

  • Improves fine motor skills: Children improve fine motor skills by feeding the doll, dressing and taking off his clothes, bathing him, etc.
  • Language skills: Playing with the dolls involves practicing speaking and language skills. Children light parts of the body, the names of different types of clothing, verbs, feelings, and basic concepts.
  • Emotional and social skills: helps them develop skills for conflict resolution and interacting with what is going on around them. Children learn to share with their friends.
  • Increase creativity and fantasy: Children when playing with dolls develop more creativity and fantasy.
Nancy Stau Wild Fashion Doll

Why should you buy a Nancy doll?

The Nancy doll has been on the market for many years and has never gone out of style. This doll company has adapted very well to the different fashions of each moment and has always known how to hit people’s tastes. They have a wide catalog of dolls, with many accessories and countless dresses ideal for different occasions.

What are you waiting to buy yours?

What stores sell the Nancy doll?

You can buy the Nancy doll in the brand’s own store, in toy stores or in large shopping centers. Would you like to buy without leaving home? You also have the option of buying Nancy dolls online. With this option you can see all the models on Amazon at the same time and compare prices, you can see the reviews of the customers and if you are not satisfied you can return the product without giving explanations and quickly.

Nancy doll a day in california with skates and covertible car

What are Nancy doll accessories?

Accessories serve to make the game more real. Nancy can have a closet with clothes, she can have her house with furniture, she can go to the hairdresser, etc.

Nancy manufactures a wide variety of accessories, below we are going to name the two that are top sales.

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