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Once the children begin to have more autonomy and coordination, it is good that they have a bicycle. The bicycle is the toy that every child wants from the time he can remember. Who does not remember his first bicycle? Children enjoy riding, it is true that at first it is difficult but once you manage to ride kids bikes well, it is very exciting and fun.

We all want our children to have emotional and physical health from the time they are small. And how do we achieve this? Buying the best bicycle on Amazon and taking into account certain characteristics.

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    Best bikes for kids of 2021:

    We present you the main reviews of the best bikes for kids rated by users in 2021.

    Catalog of bikes for kids on sale

    Thinking of buying a bike for kids? We have selected a series of models based on customer ratings and sales at the best price to bring you the best that exists in the market.

    What are bikes or bicycles for kids?

    Children's bicycles are human transport vehicles made up of two wheels and two handlebars. The bicycle enters movement by the propulsion of the child when moving the pedals. Children initially use tricycles then bikes without pedals and when they have greater balance and coordination they use pedal bikes. Before buying a bicycle for children you have to look at the age at which it is aimed.

    little boy riding his red bike on the park

    What are the advantages of riding a bicycle?

    Having a bicycle and enjoying it brings many benefits in the development of children, so it is advisable to ride a bicycle from a very young age and thus avoid future fears. Next we are going to name the benefits of riding a bicycle:

    • Develop balance progressively and naturally.
    • Strengthens and improves stimulation since the child must turn, brake and coordinate the legs and arms to avoid falling to the ground.
    • Develops the sense of spatial orientation.
    • Improves and develops psychomotor skills in children.
    • Learn the rules of the road.
    • It helps to improve and be more aware of the use of the helmet for safety.
    • Eliminate stress and tone the muscles of the legs.
    • Reduces bad cholesterol and strengthens the knees when pedaling.
    • Activates the hormone of happiness.
    mother teaching her son to ride his bicycle on the park

    Where to buy bikes or bicycles for kids?

    You can compare bicycles in sports stores, toy stores, supermarkets and large shopping centers. In stores you will not see all the models because there is not enough space to display all the bicycles.

    Another option is to buy the children's bicycle in online stores, for example Amazon has a variety of models and brands, high quality, perfect customer service and returns are easy and fast.

    What to look for when buying bikes or bicycles for kids?

    Before buying a bicycle for children, it is advisable to take into account a number of factors:

    We must take into account the age of the child, the bicycles depending on the age will have one size of rue or another. Bicycles that have 12" wheels are bicycles for children who are 2-4 years old, 14" wheels for children between 3 and 5 years old, 16" wheels for children 4 to 6 years old, 18" wheels for children from 5 to 7 years old, 20" wheels for children from 6 to 10 years old, etc.

    The size of the bicycle is related to the bridge that we have talked about previously. Depending on the size and height of the child, let's compare a larger or smaller bicycle.

    Depending on the child's development, since each child is different, we will see if we buy a bicycle with pedals or without pedals. Children between the ages of 2 and 4 generally do not use pedal bikes.

    We must look at the quality of the materials with which it is manufactured, not only the structure but also the bearings and wheels.

    We have to take into account that the bike we choose is safe and we also buy the security elements to avoid damage. At first it is advisable for children to wear a helmet and knee pads.

    boy and girl riding their bikes on the street

    What are the most popular bike brands for kids?

    Do you want to know which are the best bicycle brands for children? The most popular brands of children's bikes we highlight Chicco, Dino Bikes, Soni, Joystar, Raleigh and Schwinn.

    Chicco Logo
    • Chicco is one of the world's best known brands that manufacture baby products.
    Dino Bikes Logo
    • Dino Bikes is a brand specializing in bicycles for children, it highlights that all the models it sells have well-known characters such as Spiderman, Peppa Pig, Cars, Captain America, Micky, Disney princesses, Minnie, etc.
    Sonic Logo
    • Sonic is a bicycle brand that manufactures for children of all ages, you have more children's bikes and then older children's bikes.
    JoyStar Logo
    • Joystar is a more classic and traditional brand of children's bicycles. It uses high quality materials and has very beautiful designs.
    Raleigh Logo
    • Raleigh is a brand that makes classic bicycles with non-flashy colors. It not only manufactures bicycles but we can also find a variety of accessories for bicycles.
    Schwinn Logo
    • Schwinn this brand manufactures bicycles especially for quite young children, it also has various accessories for the bicycle.

    What are the 5 best bikes for boys, girls and adults?

    In the market there are many brands and models as well as bicycles for boys, girls and adults. Below we have made a small selection of the 5 best bikes for boys, girls and adults.

    girl riding her pink bike on the street
    • Girls bikes: Girls' bicycles tend to have a more cheesy design with pastel colors and they usually have characters such as Peppa pig, unicorns, Minnie, etc.
    • Boys bicycles: Children's bicycles tend to have darker and more striking colors and have characters of heroes, Cars, etc.
    • Adult bikes: Adult bicycles are usually much more expensive than children's, the manufacturing materials are of high quality and they have enough extras that will make this sport hook you.

    What are the most popular bike accessories for kids?

    In the market there are a variety of popular accessories for children's bikes, these accessories are needed for your child to move safely to avoid unnecessary scares.

    adult woman riding her bike on the street
    • Helmet for kids: No matter the age, it is advisable that both children and adults use this protection to avoid dangerous blows to the head.There are many models on the market.
    • Basket for bikes: This accessory is perfect so that children can carry objects while riding a bicycle. This bicycle accessory is usually used more by girls.
    • Children bicycle knee pads: They are recommended to avoid injuries if the child falls to the ground while riding a bicycle. It is important that you put them on when you start riding a bike.
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