KidKraft: Comparison and Buying Guide

KidKraft is a brand of high quality children’s toys, in fact the material par excellence in its manufacture is wood.

Are you looking for the best kid’s kitchen or the best KidKraft dollhouse? We know that it is not easy to choose the best toy for our children, for this reason we want to make you a buying guide and a good comparison on the best KidKraft toys.

boys and girl playing to cook food with their kidkraft kitchens

The best KidKraft toys in 2021 on the market: our favorites

Last updated on June 3, 2021 9:54 am

What is KidKraft?

KidKraft is a company formed by a group of engineers who founded the company in 1968. This company manufactures high-quality products and is also in continuous innovation that is reflected in the satisfaction of customers who choose to buy products from this brand. KidKraft has many employees around the world such as in America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

KidKraf seeks to encourage children to develop their imagination and creativity by making creative toys and accessories. In addition to making toys, this company also manufactures high-quality and original children’s bedrooms.

All KidKraft products rigorously follow the European Union quality and safety processes.

Is KidKraft a good brand?

Kidkraft is a leader in the sector for the wide variety of products and for the originality. It also creates high quality products using mostly wood as the star material. All their toys have been approved by the EN71 safety standard and strictly comply with the approval of the European Union.

Kidkraft is creativity, design and play. It is a leader in manufacturing, producing and distributing toys and children’s furniture and has been in the sector for more than 40 years. This company is committed to original and innovative products in both toys and children’s furniture.

What are are KidKraft playsets advantages?

Children need to play from a young age, in fact playing with KidKraft toys brings only advantages:

  • ✅ Facilitates learning.
  • ✅ Playing allows you to acquire knowledge.
  • ✅ Contributes to cognitive, motor and sensitive development.
  • ✅ Teach new skills and encourage creativity.
  • ✅ Gambling improves self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • ✅ Playing relaxes and has fun.
  • ✅ Helps improve concentration.
  • ✅ Reduce stress.
  • ✅ Learn to share and play as a team.

How to build a KidKraft dollhouse?

Have you bought a KidKraft dollhouse for your children and you don’t know how to build it right? The first thing you should do is look exactly at the instructions, but we know that they are quite complicated to assemble. For this reason we are going to attach a YouTube video explaining a model.

Where I can buy KidKraft dollhouses and furniture?

KidKraft products can be purchased at the KidKraft store, toy stores, or large shopping centers.

Amazon UK has its own store for the brand where you will not only find toys but you can also find everything you need to furnish and decorate your child’s room with quality and at a good price.

Also in this way you will not have to leave home, you will buy with full security, you will be able to read the customer reviews and if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it quickly and without explanations.

What toys does KidKraf sell on Amazon UK?

Do you want to know what KidKraft brand products are sold on Amazon? The KidKraft brand sells dollhouses, wooden playkitchens, outdoor, wooden trains, vehicles and accessories on Amazon. We cannot forget that it also designs and manufactures children’s furniture and also decorates children’s rooms. Below we will highlight the best products in each category:

girl playing with the furniture of her kidkraft doll house
  • The best Dollhouses for kids: KidKraft dollhouses are the most demanded by children around the world. It has great designs, prices and they are also very durable since they are made of wood. KidKraft is a leader in dollhouse for children.
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2 new from £140.24
1 used from £104.33
Last updated on June 3, 2021 9:54 am

little girl playing cooking food with her kidkraft playkitchen on her room
  • The best play kitchens for kids: Play kitchens are still in fashion that is why KidKraft is a leader in this sector due to design, price and the durable material it uses, such as wood.
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2 new from £155.99
Last updated on June 3, 2021 9:54 am

group of kids playing on the garden with their kidkraft pirate wooden sandboat
  • The best toys outdoor for kids: Children love to play in the schoolyard or in the home garden. KidKraf manufactures and designs high-quality products for long-lasting outdoor durability.

little girl playing in her room with her kidkraft wooden train track
  • The best wooden trains for kids: They are toys that help in motor skills and in the imagination of children. KidKraft trains are made of wood and come in various designs. Not only are they used by children but there are adults who like to collect them.

little boy playing with cars and his kidkraft mega ramp and racing track set on his room
  • The best Vehicles and playsets for kids: Children have fun playing with KidKrafts Vehicles. They have a wide variety of designs and prices for all tastes and are also made of wood.

Which KidKraft dollhouse is the best?

KidKraf is a leader in manufacturing and designing dollhouses, for this reason it is very difficult to select the best dollhouse. Our selection is based on quality, customer ratings and price. The KidKraft 65934 Annabelle Wooden Dolls House is one of the best KidKraft has on the market.

About this item:

  • Endless hours of fun: This spacious dolls house is a child’s dream home offering three floors, four rooms, a balcony and a gliding elevator, this play set stands at 120.65 cm tall and is made from high-quality wood.
  • Design your own home: Let your child’s creativity flourish with a kit of 17 furniture pieces and home accessories, your child will explore the creative possibilities of playing with 12-inch dolls in multiple rooms with a gliding elevator and detailed scrollwork.
  • Fun and easy assembly: Play sooner without the headache from over complicated assemblies, the doll houses come with easy step-by-step instructions for even easier assembling, set up the house by yourself to surprise your child or turn it into a bonding activity by building it together.
  • A timeless gift: Give your child their first dolls house, young children and toddlers of all ages will have fun roleplaying and playing pretend with this classic toy the ideal Christmas gift or birthday present.

KidKraft 65934 Annabelle Wooden Dolls House with Furniture and Accessories Included, 3 Storey Play Set for 30 cm/12 Inch Dolls

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2 new from £134.43
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as of June 3, 2021 9:54 am

Do you want to know how the Annabelle Wooden dollhouse is assembled? Below we have left you an explanatory YouTube video.

Are KidKraft dollhouses for Barbies?

Does your child want to play with Barbies in a KidKraft dollhouse? KidKraft dollhouses are quite large and are very well complemented so that you can play with the barbies.

Here is a video where you can see that you can play with Barbies without any problem.

Are KidKraft trains compatible with brio?

KidKraft trains are brio compatible. Here is a video for you to see better.

What stores do sell Kidkraft kitchens?

The Amazon UK store has all the KidKraft play kitchen products and also has the latest news. You will be able to see the reviews of the clients and compare the prices between some models or others.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, which is something that does not usually pass for its high quality, you can return the product quickly and without giving explanations.

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