Hot Wheels: Comparison and Buying Guide

With Hot Wheels toys, children design and develop play strategies to play with your friends or just to play alone.

During childhood it is important to play with toys to develop different skills, whether they are cognitive, motor or social. Hot Wheels manufactures a wide variety of products such as cars, car tracks and a wide variety of accessories. Children really enjoy playing with cars because they are so fun, very attractive and have amazing accessories. We have selected the best products of this brand with the help of experts and based on customer opinions.

boy playing with his hot wheels racing car on the garden wood table

The best Hot Wheels toys of 2021 on the market: our favorites

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What is Hot Wheels?

Hot Wheels is a brand that Mattel introduced in 1968 and that manufactures toys with the world of cars. This brand has so much existence in the market for its striking designs, for taking care of every detail and for the low price it has. These toys are made of metal and plastic and are designed to roll easily and at high speeds.

When Hot Wheels was invented?

Hot Wheels was closed by Mattel in San Diego in 1945 by founders Harold Mattson and Elliot Handler. A car toy line was created in 1968 with 16 car models thanks to Elliot Handler hiring former General Motors designer Harry Bradley.

Ruth Handler was the creator of Barbie and asked Jack Ryan who was Mattel’s head of development to bring those cars to life.

father and son assembling a hot wheels set track on the living room

Where I can buy Hot Wheels?

Do you want to buy Hot Wheels cars and tracks? These toys can be bought in the official store of the brand, in toy stores or in large shopping centers.

Would you like to buy Hot Wheels toys from home and without moving? There are several toy stores or online stores such as Ebay or Amazon where you can buy these toys that are so successful among the smallest of the house.

Amazon has a page with all the products that are in the Hot Wheels market, on this pages you will find many models of cars, car tracks and accessories. In addition, Amazon takes care of the customer at all times, sends you the product very fast and If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it quickly and without explanations.

How does Hot Wheels work?

Do you know the new Hot Wheels id line? Do you want to know how it works? This new line is made with an NFC chip that allows us to record quite interesting data to make a good game. Hot Wheels encourages competition in children and develops the spirit of achievement and challenge for many generations.

How to know if a Hot Wheels is collectible? What hot wheels are the most valuable?

Brands such as Hot Wheels make several collector lines, to know that you are buying a collectible toy car it is important that you keep these tips in mind:

  • It usually appears on the packaging and is usually in catalogs.
  • Model name.
  • Model series.
  • It has sub-series of the model.
  • It has the manufacturing number.
  • The serial number.

What Hot Wheels toys are the most rare?

Hot Wheels vehicles must have a low production car symbol. Behind the vehicle there may be a low production symbol that informs us that we are dealing with a treasure car.

What Hot Wheels to look for 2021?

Hot Wheels has a wide variety of products, but they are always more successful than others. For example, the Hot Wheels 900 H7045 20 Diecast Pack and Mini Toy Cars (20-Pack) is one of the most in-demand products on Amazon. The cars are beautifully designed and quite eye-catching.

About this item:

  • Reward a child or your inner child, with a quality assortment of Hot Wheels die-cast cars.
  • This pack is truckloads of fun with 20 Hot Wheels cars included.
  • Jump-start any collection with a fabulous range of toy cars to display, push around or race on Hot Wheels track sets.
  • Collectors and car enthusiasts love these amazing 1:64 scale vehicles; a great kids toys and an ideal gift.
  • Includes 20 cars for 20 times the fun; a great jump-start for any collection.
  • Open window packaging reveals the huge variety of cars included with each set.

Hot Wheels 900 H7045 20 Diecast Pack and Mini Toy Cars, Multi-Colour

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boys playing with his hot wheels cars on his hot wheels tracks and garage

Which Hot Wheels cars are best for tracks?

The best Hot Wheels cars to play with and have a good race on the tracks are the ones sold on Amazon. Below we will make a small selection of Hot Wheels cars based on ratings and sales.

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Which Hot Wheels tracks are the best?

Not only are Hot Wheels cars famous but car tracks are quite in demand to make complete and fun games.

Below we have made a small selection of the best Hot Wheels car tracks:

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