Foosball Tables: Comparison and Buying Guide

Foosball is the most popular entertainment board game in the world. This game is one of the most demanded by adults, youth and children. The table football simulates a soccer game and aims to score goals, it comes with 11 players held with a metal bar and painted with the kits of the best teams in the league.

It is a simple and interesting game, what is not easy is buying the best table football on the market since there are many models and brands on the market.

brother and sister playing on the living room a game of foosball with their football table

The best foosball tables of 2021 on the market: our recommendations

What is a football table? Who invented the football table?

Foosball is a game that is based on soccer, it is composed of a rectangular table with 11 players moved by a bar that allows you to hit the ball to score a goal.

The table football was invented by Alejandro Finisterre and he patented his creation in 1937. The Galician inventor and poet was wounded in the Civil War by a bombing, as a result of this he had an idea thinking of those people who, like him, could not play football.

Benefits of playing table football

  • Improves eye-hand coordination.
  • Foosball is a game that de-stresses and helps you disconnect from your daily life.
  • Strengthens the bond with people (friends, family ..)
  • Develop team spirit and help socialize with other strangers.
  • It is a very motivating game that requires patience.
  • It increases the ability to concentrate.
  • It is a game that is intended for all ages and can be played at all hours.
red and yellow foosball teams

Where I can buy a foosball table?

Do you want to buy a quality table football at a good price? You can buy a football at toy stores, appliance stores, supermarkets, or large shopping centers.

If you don’t like leaving home to buy, you have the option of buying in online stores such as Amazon, which has cheap football tables, wooden football tables, adult football tables, professional football tables, folding football tables and a variety of accessories necessary to play a good game.

Types of football tables

There is a great variety of models, designs, brands and manufacturing materials, for this reason we are going to inform you about each type of table football and we are going to select a couple of models of each model.

  • Wooden football tables: Are you thinking of buying a wooden table football? The mother must say that it is a robust and noble material that has high resistance, so that the wooden table football will last us a long time.

group of friends having fun playing a game of foosball
  • Folding football tables: Are you looking for a folding table football that does not take up space in your house? This folding table football model is usually made of materials that weigh little to be able to fold them easily. They are less stable foosball tables when playing but if you play quietly, nothing happens. This model can be easily moved anywhere and can be stored anywhere in the house, even in a closet.

  • Football for kids: Does your son want to play table football? Did you know that it had many benefits? The adult football tables are quite large, that is why there are some football tables exclusively adapted to children on the market. Most of these models have no legs, they weigh little, have 5 or 6 players and can be placed anywhere.

  • Professional football tables: Are you a football professional? When we talk about a professional football table we refer to a football table that complies with the official competition measures. Their structure is usually large and they are usually made of beech or walnut wood. Currently you can find prices from 350 pounds upwards, although we can find some cheaper.

boy playing a foosball game on his football table
  • Football tables for bars or pubs: These table football models are usually in bars or pubs, they are not cheap at all since their structure is usually stronger and they are quite large.

Accessories for Foosball tables

If you have a football table of any of the models that we have named above, it is possible that with the use a piece has been damaged or you simply need more accessories.

  • Foosball Balls: Foosball balls are not an expensive accessory, you can buy them made of plastic that are usually the most sold or also made of wood. These balls are in different colors and with a diameter of 32 and 36 mm. A well-known brand in this sector that has been around for more than 30 years is the German brand Carromco.
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  • Football table covers: If you have a football table and you want to keep it in good condition it is important that you buy a football table cover. Before buying a cover it is important that you take into account the dimensions of your table football.

  • Football table players: If you have a football table and your players are broken or damaged, you should know that you can buy new players on Amazon. You can find different materials such as aluminum, wood and plastic, the ones that are sold the most and the best results are only given by wooden players.
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Garlando Foosball Do you want the best football table to enjoy at home?

Garlando is a brand that always offers the customer high quality at a good price.

The finishes of these football tables are robust and firm, being perfect for adults and also for children to play.

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What table football to buy? Which table football is better? Shopping guide

There are many models and brands of football tables on the market, as there are football tables for adults but also for children. Next we are going to give you a guide of what you have to take into account to buy the best table football and the one that best suits your needs.

  • Structure: The football table must be robust to be more durable.
  • Dimensions: depending on the space where you plan to place the football table, you can buy a football table with one measure or another. There are small, medium and large models with different heights. Before buying run table football measure the space where you are going to place it.
  • Materials: It is advisable to invest in a football table that is resistant to ensure a long life. The materials that we advise are wood and also metal. Currently you have cheap wooden football tables on Amazon.
  • Details: The details are a matter to take into account, there comes the color, the design, the finishes and the small details that make your table football even more fantastic. They make foosball tables with the smallest detail for those who like to have a decorative foosball at home.

How much it costs a football table?

The price will depend on many factors, for example you currently have basic foosball tables starting at 15 pounds.

If you are looking for a robust and high quality football table then we would be talking about 80 pounds and up. Professional football tables are around 300 pounds all the way to high numbers.

How to make a football table?

Making a table football is not an easy task and you have to know how to handle various materials perfectly. Below we have attached a YouTube video of how a table football is made.

How to play a football table?

Do you want to learn to play table football? Playing table football is not complicated, that’s why we have attached a video so you can see how it is played. It is not complicated!

Which is the most popular foosball table to buy?

At present it is difficult to select the best as there are many good foosball tables on the market with a good price. Based on the structure, materials, price, customer ratings and details we have chosen JUMPSTAR SPORTS 4ft Free Standing Football Table.

About this item:

  • BRING FOOTBALL HOME WITH THIS FULL-SIZE FOOTBALL TABLE: Settle scores on and off the pitch with this Classic 4ft Football Table from JumpStar Sports. Designed to full-size specifications for quick-fire friendlies and tournament level play, it’s a cool addition to a football fan’s playroom.
  • SMOOTH-SPINNING RODS FOR FAST SHOOTING ACTION: Designed with sleek chrome rods for smooth-spinning, fast-shooting action. Ergonomic non-slip handles provide a firm grip and comfortable hold for ultimate control when playing. Perfect for scoring screamers and blocking shots like a pro.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION WITH PINE LAMINATE FINISH: Durable composite wood construction with a smooth pine laminate finish. Its smart, retro look makes it a top choice for fans of all ages. Pitch is coloured grass green with authentic markings while teams are hand-painted classic red and blue.
  • INTEGRATED GOAL COUNTERS & NON-SLIP FEET: Slide goal counters allow you to accurately track the score, so there’s no danger of anyone cheating and being shown a yellow card. The football table also features grippy non-slip feet to prevent it sliding around and protect hard flooring from scratches.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION & SPECIFICATIONS: Supplied with 3 footballs, so there’s always a spare at the ready. Delivered flat-packed with tools, fixings and assembly instructions. We recommend using an electric screwdriver. Assembled size: L120cm x W61cm x H79cm. Note: Width excludes rods.

JUMPSTAR SPORTS 4ft Free Standing Football Table, Indoor Fussball Soccer Game, Smart Pine Laminate Finish, Kids Family Games Room Fun

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