Fisher Price: Comparison and Buying Guide

Make eye-catching preschool toys with colorful lights and beautiful designs. They contribute to the learning of the little ones by developing many skills.

Fisher Price toys are full of colors stimulating children’s abilities and senses. On the other hand, these toys have the objective of amusing and entertaining children between the age of one month and five years.

toddler playing with his fisher-price chatter toy telephone with numbers and sounds on his room

The best Fisher Price toys of 2021 on the market: our favorites

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What is Fisher Price?

The Fisher Price toy brand was founded in 1930 by the Quaker Company. In 1991 this company sold everything to the world’s largest toy company, Mattel Inc. This company began manufacturing children’s versions of the company’s most successful toys. It also released character toys to The Walt Disney Company, Lucas Film and Pixar among many others.

Fisher Price toys are classified according to age:

  • 0 to 5 years: It is the stage that stands out the most in this brand. They manufacture musical toys for babies, toys with letters, numbers, animals, stuffed animals, jumpers, walkers and an endless number of fun and educational products.
  • 6 to 11 years old: They are toys for more mature children and it is the Mattel company that is in charge of manufacturing.
new born playing in his room with his Fisher-Price laugh and learn smart learning home

Where I can buy Fisher Price toys?

You can buy Fisher Price toys in toy stores, large malls, or high street stores. Another very convenient option is to buy the toys online, you can go to the official Fisher Price website or if you prefer for comfort and confidence you can buy the toys on Amazon.

Amazon has excellent customer service, you can see the reviews of people who have already bought it and you can also return the product if it does not meet your expectations quickly and without explanations.

Fisher Price’s best toys by age! Buy the perfect toy!

There are a wide variety of Fisher Price toys on the market, for this reason we want to help you and highlight the best toys depending on the age of your child.

little boy playing on the living room with his fisher orice 3 in 1 musical rainforest infant activity gym
  • From 0-6 months: At this age, children begin to discover their body through toys. They begin to distinguish colors, shapes, and different textures. The typical toys of this age are activity mats, crib mobiles, rubber dolls, rattles, etc.

curious baby playing around on the living room with his Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker
  • From 6-18 months: The baby at this age explores objects, recognizes voices, they already know how to walk and recognize objects. At this age toys are used such as seesaws, baby walkers, cubes to fit, balls, rag toys, bicycles with wheels, etc.

little baby boy playing to match food by colors on the kitchen with his new toy Fisher-Price say please snack set
  • From 18 to 36 months: The child knows his environment, understands and speaks. In this age the typical toys are cars, dolls, musical instruments, blackboards, animals, paintings, bicycles, tricycles, musical telephones, puzzles, figures of heroes, etc.

boy playing on his desk trying to assemble together his toy Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar
  • From 3-5 years: The child learns many songs, asks many questions, begins to play with his friends, etc. He likes to play with dolls, puppets, stories, bicycles, blackboards, tape recorders, accessories of different professions, etc.

Which Fisher Price jumperoo are the most popular?

Jumpers for babies are perfect for strengthening physical development while having fun and laughing. Babies give voluntary impulses on the floor, strengthening the legs. It is difficult to select the best Fisher Price Jumperoo since all the models it has are very good, for this reason we have made a small selection of the best jumperoos:

Are Fisher Price toys safe?

Parents always want the best for our children and we try to buy quality toys that have all the safety measures and comply with the regulations.

For this reason we recommend buying Fisher Price toys that provide us with guarantee, safety and quality.

How to clean Fisher Price toys?

Not sure how to clean Fisher Price toys? Plastic toys are washed with a brush, with mild soap and hot water. Then you can use disinfectant, put water with a few drops of disinfectant and let it soak for about 5 minutes. Finally you dry the toys and let them dry in the open air.

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