Electric Scooters: Comparison and Buying Guide

With the help of technology that is advancing by leaps and bounds, we can say that eco-friendly means of transport have gained success and fame especially in recent years.

Electric scooters work with batteries so we save fuel, it is an excellent option to move around and more if you live in a big city with traffic jams and a lot of pollution, it also respects the environment.

There are a wide variety of models and brands so we want to help you find the most suitable model that suits your needs.

young boy riding his electric scooter on the street

The best electric scooters of 2021 on the market: Our selection

What is an electric scooter?

An electric scooter is a means of transportation similar to a motorcycle that has an electric motor for movement. This electric scooter produces neither noise pollution nor atmospheric pollution.

Benefits of using an electric scooter. Are electric scooters worth it?

  • As it does not require a conventional motor, it does not make any noise. For this reason, its use reduces noise pollution.
  • Its most notable feature is that it reduces pollution, reduces the consumption of fossil fuel and the electric motor.
  • It does not have gearboxes so driving is very simple.
  • It is perfect for circulating in large cities.
  • It does not require much maintenance as the motors are quite simple.
  • Many countries in the world offer public aid and incentives to buy electricity, such as reduced taxes, discounts on road taxes.

Types of electric scooters you can buy

In the market there are different models of scooters perfect for different occasions. The choice will depend on the personal use you are going to give it. Next we are going to name the different models and their main characteristics:

little girl sitting down on her hoverboard on the street
  • The hoverboard is a scooter with only two wheels, the feet must be placed in a horizontal position next to each other. It is compact and versatile due to its lightness.
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young dude sitting down listen to music holding his electric skateboard
  • The electric skateboard is the typical one of all life, it has a board with four wheels and an electric motor. For its use it takes practice.

happy couple going for a ride holding hands on their electric unicycles
  • The electric unicycle is composed of a single wheel. It has good autonomy and they are easy to use.
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Boy and Girl chatting on the street while riding on their segway ninebot
  • The Segway has big wheels, a handlebar, and great power.

little girl putting on her helmet before going to a ride with her electric scooter
  • The electric scooter is the transport that has become the most fashionable in the big cities. It is composed of an electric motor, a handlebar and two wheels. It is super easy to handle.
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Where to buy an electric scooter?

We can buy electric scooters in sports stores, toy stores and department stores. In the stores you will not be able to see all the models because there is not enough space. Do you want to buy an electric scooter online without leaving home? Another very convenient option is to buy in online stores such as Amazon.

Amazon has many models of electric scooters and very good prices. Also if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it quickly and without giving explanations.

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The 6 best electric scooters of 2021 on the market

As we know that choosing a good electric scooter is difficult, we want to help you by exposing the best six models that are currently available.

Last updated on May 26, 2021 5:07 am

Electric scooter buying guide. What electric scooter should I buy?

Once you have chosen the scooter model that meets your needs, it is important that you take into account a series of factors before buying. Then we are going to comment and review them.

  • We must take age into account since we have electric scooters for children and for adults that vary in the characteristics of the product.
  • We must bear in mind that an electric scooter must be comfortable, so it is advisable to take the suspension into account. Another thing that we must look at if we want to be comfortable is that the tires of the electric scooter are solid rubber that has the advantage that they are more resistant and do not puncture. Air tires are pretty good at cushioning bumps.
  • You should look at the power you want, this will depend on the use you are going to give it, if for example you are going to travel long distances daily it is advisable to buy one with great power. The maximum speed of electric city scooters is 20-25 km / h for an adult and 10-15 km / h for children.
  • That the scooter you choose does not weight a lot and has the option to glue it. The lighter it is, the better you will be able to transport it from one place to another, we recommend no more than 15 kilos.
  • The charging time and the duration of the battery, we must take into account the autonomy of the electric scooter and the time it takes to charge.
  • The security systems that the electric scooter has is essential when you go to buy one. See that it has good quality materials, good brakes, built-in light and a sturdy chassis.
  • The models and the price is not the most important thing but if one choice or another is going to depend, there are good electric scooters starting at 17o pounds.
boy riding his red electric scooter on the park

Are electric scooters waterproof?

Electric scooters take a lot of rain but are not submersible in water. Being a product that works with battery, it is not advisable to be outdoors if there are heavy rains or storms.

Are electric scooters safe?

Electric scooters are safe as long as you respect the rules and don’t go driving like crazy. Also for greater safety you must bring lights, bell and reflective vests.

The electric scooter is as safe as any other vehicle to move around the city if we are based on accident statistics.

What is better an electric scooter or a vespa?

Below we have left you an explanatory video where you can draw your own conclusions.

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