Crayola: Comparison and Buying Guide

Crayons are one of the best gifts for children, they have fun coloring and drawing and also develop various skills. We know that the choice is quite complicated since there are many models on the market, for this reason we want to inform you and help you select the best Crayolas.

kids leaving their crayola crayons on the table after coloring their drawings with them

The best Crayons of 2021 on the market: our favorites

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What is Crayola?

Crayola is a brand of markers, chalk, charcoal, colored pencils, crayons, washable paints, globbles, art sets, twistables crayons, glitter dots and various art supplies.

Crayola was founded on March 31, 1885 in New York and its headquarters are in Forks (Pennsylvania). They were originally manufactured by Binney & Smith.

As we have said, crayons are made of different materials and that allow a surface to be colored. This product helps develop motor skills, imagination, creativity, etc. It is not only used by children to paint but also by many artists.

One of the advantages of the Crayolas is that they are not toxic and also wash easily.

Advantages of Crayons:

  • ✅ They are not toxic.
  • ✅ There are colors of various types: metallic, matte, bright and neon.
  • ✅ Various packs and sizes.
  • ✅ They are quite cheap.
  • ✅ Perfect for artists and children.

Disadvantages of Crayons:

  • ❌ They are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.
  • ❌ Easy to break.
  • ❌ They wear out pretty quickly.
girl coloring her flower drawing with her pack of crayola Crayola supertips Washable felt tip colouring pens

When was Crayola founded?

Crayola was founded by Binney & Smith on March 31, 1885 in New York. This company was a pioneer in manufacturing non-toxic artistic tools and as a result of this it was immensely popular in several countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Canada, etc.

Why is Crayola so popular?

Still not sure why Crayola is so popular? Crayola became so popular worldwide for making art tools out of different materials for kids that were not toxic. The Crayola company sells different sets, packs, different quantities, different effects, and different sizes.

In addition, it has very good prices if we compare them with other lesser known brands on the market.

little girl showing to her mother the drawing she just made with her crayola pip-squeaks mini washable felt tip colouring pens on the kitchen

Where I can buy Crayola?

You can compare Crayolas in any stationery store or in large shopping centers that have a variety of stores.

But, why leave home if you can buy online? We have online stores like Amazon that offer us quality Crayola products, here you can see customer reviews, compare prices and return the product without giving explanations and quickly if not satisfied. Other people choose to buy all of Crayola’s art tools on eBay.

Purchase criteria: Do you want to buy the best Crayola?

Do you want to buy the best for your children? Is it going to be used for crafts or arts? Before choosing the best Crayolas sets you must take into account a series of factors. We recommend that you follow our advice.

  • Use: It is necessary to be clear about the use that is going to be given to get the most out of the product. They can be used in various ways: plastic arts, crafts, face painting or to fix furniture.
  • Benefits: Crayolas help in cognitive and motor development in both children and adults. Using Crayons removes stress, develops creativity and imagination, encourages concentration and develops motor skills.
  • Design: Crayola has millions of models on the market, you have them with rectangular and square shapes, circle shapes, stars and hearts, different colors such as neon, metallic colors or mixed colors.
  • Types: Crayola has many manufacturing materials, so you should take into account if you want wax crayons (the most popular and those intended for children), the oily ones that are for more artistic use and should be away from children since they have toxic and those that are diluted that also tend to be of more artistic use.
girl making a flower drawing with clouds on her crayola ultimate light board on her room

What are Crayola best sellers?

Crayola is one of the world’s best known brands of artistic tools for children. For this reason it is very successful, but some products always stand out in sales over others. Below we will make a small selection of the best sellers on Amazon UK:

How much do Crayons cost?

Crayons are a fairly cheap artistic product, for example a box with eight colors can cost you 8 pounds, there are also packs of 20 pieces for 8 pounds in short, you have a wide variety of quite cheap prices. There are products with different shapes, mixed colors or metallic.

The more quantity of artistic material that comes in the purchase pack, the higher the price.

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