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Building and construction games are perfect for cognitive stimulation and skill building for people of any age. From the time they are babies they begin to play with manageable building blocks to adults and children who build more difficult games such as Marvel or Star Wars models.

There are millions of famous toy brands such as Nintendo Labo, Playmobil, Lego Desire Deluxe, Stickle Bricks, etc.

These toys that are so popular with children have many benefits among these benefits we can highlight the imagination even below we will talk about all the benefits that these toys provide one by one.

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    What are building toys for kids?

    The building and construction games are a set of pieces with different or equal shapes like baby blocks, with which many combinations can be made creating striking and fun structures. These toys are quite popular, not only in children but, in adults as well.

    The most classic construction toys and the most sold and demanded worldwide are Lego, but today there are many good brands that make very good construction toys.

    Benefits of construction toys

    Construction toys have several benefits, so it is recommended that since they are babies they play with this type of toy.

    little girl playing with her alphabet nesting and stacking blocks on her room
    • Construction toys develop fine motor skills and manipulative skills. Since they are little they play with large blocks and when they get older the pieces become smaller.
    • They promote imagination and creativity in children but also symbolic play as they represent everyday life situations.
    • Through these games they learn basic concepts such as sizes, shapes, colors, etc. Also, they develop the perception of the environment and spatial vision.
    • Construction toys develop cognitive skills and improve the ability to plan and organize and solve problems. Cognitive activity is called executive function.
    • It greatly favors and improves attention and concentration in children and adults. To make a construction you have to dedicate time to it, the more difficult it is, the more time it will take.
    • These construction games can be done alone or if you prefer with more people. But we always have to respect the rules that are established.
    • These toys develop patience, it is very necessary to build towers, to fit pieces, etc.
    • Develop social skills.
    • Blocks and pieces help them learn to collect and organize from a young age.

    Types of construction toys

    mother showing to her baby how to play with building blocks

    1. Block constructions toys

    Block-building games are the most typical on the market and those of a lifetime. These toys can be stacked (one piece on top of another) or fit together like Lego brand construction toys. Younger children often play with pieces to stack as they do not have the strength to fit pieces together.

    • Stackable blocks: The stackable blocks are perfect for children over 6 months, there are small models that are soft for easy grip and release.
    • Nestable blocks: The nestable blocks are made up of pieces that fit together. One of the best known brands of nestable blocks is Lego, for the little ones you have to buy the Duplo line that has different themes and ages.

    2. Wooden constructions

    These type of constructions toys stand out because they are made of wood, being more stimulating than plastic materials. There are stackable blocks and nestable blocks.

    3. Spike constructions

    The pieces of this type of construction games are stick-shaped and fit perfectly one another by the mini skewers. This model is recommended for children over two years of age due to its difficulty.

    4. Magnetic constructions

    These constructions are characterized because the structure is held by magnets.

    5. Tube or stick constructions

    Stick or tube constructions are made of plastic.

    Where do I buy construction toys?

    Not sure where to buy construction toys? This toys can be bought in toy stores, large supermarkets and department stores.

    Do you prefer to buy construction toys online? There are a variety of online toy stores where you can buy this type of toy so desired by children and adults. Amazon has a wide variety of brands and models, from the most famous brands such as Lego and Playmobil to successful but, less known brands.

    building blocks for kids

    What are Building Blocks for Kids?

    The building blocks are made up of pieces that have different shapes, colors, materials and geometric bodies. These blocks always attract attention from the time children are months of age. These toys are made with manageable, soft and plastic materials.

    What construction toys should I buy according to age?

    Construction toys are perfect for developing creativity and fine motor skills. These types of toys have many benefits and have a wide age range. Next we are going to select the best construction toys for each age.

    What are the best building toys for babies?

    Babies enjoy large, handy and soft construction toys.

    mother and her baby playing together with building blocks on the babies room

    What are the best building toys for 2 year olds?

    At two years of age the child already has manipulation skills and they have more interest in construction pieces.

    What are the best building toys for 3 year olds?

    At this age they can already handle pieces that have a good closure, that is, their fine motor skills are quite good.

    What are the best building toys for 4, 5 and 6 year olds?

    In these years, children already write their first words and have very good fine motor skills, for this reason at this age they play with small-piece construction toys.

    little boy playing with his building blocks on his room

    What are the best building toys for 7 and 8 year olds?

    Children of this age have very good motor skills and can carry out all kinds of constructions with either large or small parts.

    What are the most popular building toys with motors?

    The most popular motorized construction toys are Lego.

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