Blackboards: Comparison and Buying Guide

I do not know any child who is not passionate about drawing and painting on a blackboard, also favors learning to read, draw and write. There are numerous models of blackboard for children on the market so we want to help you by giving you advice so that you can buy the best board for your children. Blackboards for children never go out of style and also help to develop certain skills in the little ones.

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The best blackboards of 2021 for kids: Our favorites

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What is a children’s Blackboard?

A blackboard for children is an object that helps us in the learning of our children, we could say that it is an educational toy that develops different skills focusing mainly on the creative and artistic.

There are two types of blackboards, the whiteboards that are to use markers and the blackboard that is the one that is used with chalk. There is also a board that is magnetic in which children use magnets, this board amuses the little ones a lot.

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Why should I buy a blackboard for my kids?

The blackboards for children are ideal for children older than 3 years, these blackboards are usually on easels and usually have two sides, one to paint with chalk and another side to use markers.

The face to use the markers can be easily erased and in addition to being magnetized, your child can put different magnets of numbers or letters.

Some models bring a piece of paper on top for your child to draw differently. The blackboards for children have different positions to adapt to the height of each child.

Children while having fun learn to write, read and draw like artists.

Having a child use a blackboard helps stimulate hand-eye coordination, motor skills, visual learning, the development of imagination and creativity, and lastly, emotional development.

Where to buy blackboard for kids?

Are you thinking of buying a kids blackboard for your children? You do not know where to buy the best kids blackboards for children? Whiteboards for children can be bought in toy stores or in shopping centers that have a variety of stores.

Do you want to buy a children’s board without having to leave home? Nowadays, many people choose to buy online, it is much more convenient and there is usually no problem. For example, those of you who are Amazon buyers should know that it has a great variety of brands and models of children’s boards. In addition, the customer service is fast and efficient, you can see the reviews and compare prices between others.

What models of blackboards are there for children?

Kids Wooden Blackboard
  • Wooden children’s blackboard: Wooden children’s blackboards are the ones that have the greatest resistance and also allow you to write or draw with both chalk and markers. These boards are suitable for children of all ages and are also easy to assemble.

Magnetic Blackboards

  • Magnetic kids board: Magnetic whiteboards are the latest invention in children’s blackboards, these blackboards are very educational and also come with magnetic symbols, letters and different numbers. This model comes with an eraser, a marker and chalk.
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Chalk Board for kids

  • Chalkboard for kids: Children’s chalk boards are the traditional blackboards of a lifetime and the ones that have never gone out of style generation after generation.

2 in 1 Boards

  • 2-in-1 children’s board: If you want a multipurpose board these are the perfect ones, you have the magnetic board option as chalk board. The designs are usually pretty and quite resistant.

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How To choose a children’s board?

In the market there are many different models and many brands, for this reason it is important that you observe in detail the difference between the models to choose the most suitable for your children.

  • We have to take into account that the model is versatile so that the child can perform different activities and be entertained by writing, drawing, painting, etc.
  • The design can be varied, on the market there are Pepa Pig or Micky Mouse slates but there are also simple ones that are made of wood or those that are made of plastic.
  • The blackboard is convenient that you buy it foldable for when the children stop using it, store it perfectly anywhere in the house.
  • We must also pay attention to the fact that the board can be adjusted to allow it to be adapted to all ages and heights.
  • The most recommended children’s blackboards are those that were made of wood and plastic since they will have greater durability.

What is the perfect age for children to use a blackboard?

This will depend on the tastes, personality and interests of the children, but as a general rule from the age of three for safety. Children since they are young like to paint with chalk, with a marker and learn through of magnetic numbers or letters. As we well know, each child is different, for this reason each one shows their interest at different ages. If the child you see is quite an artist, a children’s blackboard will be the best gift to develop their creativity and imagination.

If the children are small, we must be careful not to suffocate with any piece that can be taken to the mouth such as pieces of chalk, for this it is advisable to use it from the age of three in addition to the fact that the child is already older independent and has greater coordination.

What is the best blackboard for kids? Which blackboard for kids I should buy?

The best blackboard for children and the one you should buy is a blackboard that you have to use with chalk and to use magnetic pieces (symbols, numbers and letters), in short a two-in-one blackboard.

For example the FunkyBuys Large Kids 2 in 1 Wooden Easel model from Amazon is one of the best slates on the market.

About this item:

  • This 2-in-1 children’s drawing board will provide loads of activity for your child. The black side (from slate) is suitable for chalk, and the white side enables your child to be creative with felt markers and magnetic pins.
  • A fun way for children to be creative, great for learning and for general fun, has a whiteboard on one side and a blackboard on the other.
  • Has a tray for pens, pencils and crayons. Wipe clean so can be used again and again.
  • No assembly required, simply fold out and draw away. Includes 1 × marker, 5 colours of chalk, and 1 sponges & 54pc MAGNETIC LETTERS, NUMBERS & SYMBOLS.
  • With adjustable heights for ease and comforts. Simple to assemble, complete with all fittings. Approx: Board Size: 35cm x 43cm (adjustable height), Bottom Tray: 32cm x 34.5cm.

FunkyBuys® Large Kids 2 in 1 Wooden Easel (SIL-138) Double Sided Easel Chalk Drawing Board Children Learning Board (69cm) ***(FREE 54pc Magnetic Alpha/Numbers)***

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