Barbie: Comparison and Buying Guide

Barbie is one of the best-known toys worldwide. This brand of dolls has been on the market for more than 60 years and has been adapting to all changes, reinventing itself at all times. Barbies have traveled the world, enlarged their family and changed their appearance. We can not forget that Barbies have also changed their body, they are not only thin but there are Barbies with curves. What is Barbie’s mission? Inspire all girls and boys to “become what they want.”

little girl playing with her barbie playset Hugs N Horses

The best Barbies of 2021 on the market: our favorites

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What is a Barbie doll?

The Barbie doll has marked several generations since the 1960s. The doll was created under the name of Barbara Millicent Roberts. Over the years he has changed his profession and physique but he has always been up to date with fashion. Ruth Handler was the creator of Barbie and launched the first doll in March 1959. The American businesswoman relied on the German Bild Lilli doll to make Barbie.

The most important thing about Barbies:

  • Playing with Barbies helps children’s emotional and social development.
  • Stimulates the imagination by imagining that it is “another person” (Symbolic game or pretend play).
  • There is a great variety of Barbies, fairies, mermaids, different professions… etc.
  • Barbies are not only thin but they have evolved and now they are made with curves being more realistic.

Purchase criteria: What you should know about Barbies

Before buying the perfect Barbie you must take into account several aspects that meet the interests of your children.

  • Barbies are recommended for children who are 4 years old. Some Barbie models come with fairly small accessories that can cause suffocation if put in their mouths.
  • If you want a Barbie that has fashion accessories or a Barbie with different themes (professional, fantasy, etc.)
  • There are Barbies with different skin tones and different bodies. We can’t forget about Barbie Ken.
  • There are a wide variety of accessories so you can complement your Barbie.
  • Barbie manufactures with quality and has quite affordable prices.
Girl playing with her barbie doll and horse on the living room

What are the benefits of playing with Barbie dolls?

Playing with Barbies helps children imagine unreal situations accompanied by imaginary narratives (symbolic games or pretend play). This favors the emotional and social development of the child. Next we are going to list the benefits that our children offer to play with Barbies.

  • Develop social skills: Children create social situations through dolls from their perspective. It allows them to improve various aspects such as communication, social relationships and encourage the development of empathy.
  • Develops imagination and curiosity: Children through the game with barbies develop their imagination by imagining that they are other people.
  • Encourage responsibility: As a general rule, children enjoy dressing and combing their dolls. There are numerous accessories that will make this possible.
  • Independent play or collective play: Barbies favor independent play since the child can play quietly alone but also favors cooperative play when playing with other children who have barbies.
  • Barbies are for girls and boys: Barbies are not just girls’ dolls, but children also seek to enjoy them and have the same benefits as girls.

What accessories are there for barbies?

Are you looking for accessories for your child’s Barbie? Barbie has millions of accessories for children to enjoy and imagine different situations. There are clothing accessories, transport accessories, home accessories, barbie dream house, pony, etc. Next we are going to select the best-selling accessories on Amazon:

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Girl playing with her barbies dolls on her barbie dream house playset

Where can I buy a Barbie doll?

You can buy barbies dolls in any specialized toy store or in shopping centers. It is true that due to space they will not be able to have all the barbie models and all the accessories on the market on display. For this reason, another way to buy is through online store.

Online stores have all varieties of Barbies dolls and all accessories, you can also see the reviews of customers who have already purchased. Barbie has her own store on Amazon where you can see all the barbie dolls and the latest news. Also if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it without explanation and quickly.

When Barbie was made?

The Barbie doll was born on March 9, 1959 and was presented at the famous Toy Fair in New York City.

Are barbie dolls collectible?

There are people who enjoy collecting a lot, for this reason there are many people who collect barbies of all kinds, highlighting stars like Whitney Houston, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. These barbies are especially in demand by collectors. A special series that Barbie launched with costumes from different countries is also usually a collector’s item.

brother and sister playing on their room with the barbie 3-in-1 dreamcamper vehicle

Can Barbie dolls go in water?

Does your daughter have a Barbie doll and do you know if she can get it wet? Barbie dolls can get wet but it is preferable so that they do not spoil that you better not bathe them. If your children are excited to bathe with the doll, nothing would happen.

When did Barbie and Ken get married?

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