Baby Born: Comparison and Buying Guide

Baby Born is a doll brand that manufactures and designs dolls, doll clothes and accessories for the doll.

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Are you looking for the best Baby Born products? As we well know, this brand of dolls is quite famous and known among the smallest worldwide. These dolls look real, they are very well designed. We are here to help you choose the best Baby Born products on the market based on customer feedback.

The best Baby Born products of 2021 on the market: our favorites

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What is a Baby Born doll?

The Zapf Creation company is specialized in manufacturing dolls internationally. The headquarters of this company is located in Germany, near Coburg. His hits include Annabell, Baby Born, and Chou Chou.

The Baby Born doll has been so successful for being the only doll on the market that performs real functions like a baby. These dolls do not have a battery or batteries so it is possible to bathe them without any problem.

When did Baby Born doll come out?

Baby Born was created by a German player company in 1991. Its launch was a success, spreading with great success worldwide. This doll became one of the most sold and most demanded dolls by children around the world. These dolls perform very real functions such as crying with tears, peeing and pooping, drinking the bottle, crying with sound, eating porridge, etc.

When they brought the Baby Born to the market, they also brought out many sets of clothes and years later they made wooden furniture as well as pets. The Baby Born during these 25 years has sold more than 20 million dolls, at present there are a great variety of models and accessories.

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Where I can buy a Baby Born doll?

You can buy Baby Born dolls in the company’s official store, in toy stores or in large stores.

Another option widely used today is online shopping, for example Amazon has all the models of the Baby Born dolls that are on the market, with all the accessories and with the different models so that you can see your doll to the last. If you buy on Amazon you will be able to see customer reviews, ratings, and you will be able to compare prices between models. Also if you are not satisfied you can return it easily and quickly.

What does a baby born doll can do?

The Baby Born doll has functions very similar to those of a newborn baby. Some Baby Born models also come with a chip that, if you bring the wrist close to the accessories, it activates its movement, sound and light functions. These dolls eat porridge, take a bottle, pee and poop, cry with tears, etc.

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What Baby Born products I can find on Amazon UK?

Amazon has a lot of variety in Baby Born products, it has many models and lines of dolls, furniture and a large number of outfits to take your handsome Baby Born.

  • Baby Born Dolls: There are a wide variety of models and lines of Baby Born dolls on Amazon.
  • Baby Born Outfits: If you have a Baby Born doll it is important that it has several outfits for different occasions.
  • Baby Born Accessories: The accessories are necessary to complement the game, you can bathe your Baby Born, you can sleep him in a crib, you can feed him in a highchair, etc.

What is the size of a Baby Born doll?

The average size of the Baby Born doll is 40 cm high x 17 cm wide x 9 cm deep.

What are the best Baby Born doll accessories, clothes and food to buy?

The best Baby Born with accessories, clothes and food is the BABY born 824368 Soft Touch-Girl with Blue Eyes Interactive Function Doll 43cm.

About this item:

  • 43cm interactive BABY born doll.
  • Featuring 9 life-like features.
  • Softer feeling doll with flexible limbs.
  • Easy-to-press tummy button, making potty training easier.
  • She can drink real water, cry tears and even eat food!
  • Plus she can even go in the bath!
  • With sleeping eyes which will close when you lie her down.
  • Includes 11 accessories for realistic parental play.

Baby Born 824368 Soft Touch-Girl with Blue Eyes Interactive Function Doll, 43cm

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