Baby Blocks: Comparison and Buying Guide

These toys offer the possibility for them to experiment and develop skills and to improve fine motor skills. Young children as babies often hit objects and make towers, they also tend to fit pieces and destroy everything they do. Through building blocks, stackable and nestable, children develop fine motor skills, coordination, imagination and creativity.

In the market there are different brands and models of nestable and building blocks for babies, for this reason and with the help of experts we want to help you choose the best for your children.

Baby playing with his baby blocks on the living room

The best Stackable, nestable, building blocks for babies of 2021: Our favorites

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What are baby blocks?

The blocks for babies are classic toys that never go out of style and that favor learning and fun in the little one. The building blocks can be made of plastic or wood, they have different geometric bodies, shapes and colors. Babies are attracted to building blocks and nestable blocks from the time they are small, from six months on, babies try to pick them up and put them in their mouths and after a year of life they are capable of throwing them against each other and stacking them.

What advantages do baby blocks provide?

These toys have a multitude of advantages that favor the development of the baby, such as developing the notions that are related to shapes and spaces, stimulate imagination and creativity, work the differentiation of colors, manual skills, fine motor skills, the construction of structures and also is being introduced in logical reasoning and mathematics.

Where to buy baby blocks?

Do you want to buy the best blocks for your baby? You can buy baby blocks in toy stores or large shopping centers. Are you one of those who like to buy from home? You can also buy baby blocks in online toy stores or if you are loyal to Amazon you will also find a multitude of variety and brands.

Can baby play with blocks?

Babies can play with blocks from 7 months since at that age they already grasp objects with their fingers, hold objects easily and can move them from one hand to another. Babies manipulate the blocks, push them, shake them inside the container and place them.

Montessori toys: Sensory, didactic and educational

There are a wide variety of Montessori toys and games, some designed by herself and others that meet the characteristics of Montessori pedagogy. In general, we can say that they are sensory, didactic and educational toys. At present we can find many Montessori toys. These toys are pedagogical and allow the little ones to know the world around them through the senses, improving concentration, senses, abilities, motor skills, etc.

Below we have selected the best Montessorie toys on Amazon:

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Advantages of Montessori toys

Children come into the world with curiosity to explore what surrounds them and to learn. White pedagogy is a new pedagogical trend that educates and teaches children developing the capacities of each one in a respectful way and most importantly, respecting the rhythm of each child.

The advantages of Montessorie players are that it fosters intellectual passion, logical reasoning, and autonomy. The child is motivated to discover for himself everything that surrounds him and to acquire knowledge.

Baby playing with his stacking toy rings on the living room carpet

Guide to buying Montessori nests

If you are thinking of buying Montessorie nestable toys for your child, you should take into account that he can manipulate it with ease. These toys are made mostly of wood but there are also plastic Montessorie toys, both are resistant, durable and provide softness and safety.

We must take into account the age of the child so that the experience in the child is good, if the child is small, the Montessorie nests must be larger so that he can manipulate them.

On the other hand, the pieces must have striking, differentiated and vibrant colors to attract the attention of children.

What are stackable toys for babies?

Children a few months after birth begin to have an interest in learning colors, shapes and sizes. This is possible thanks to stacking, teaching and fitting toys, children really enjoy.These players develop attention, gross and fine motor skills, coordination and patience.

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