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As you know toys are part of our lives benefiting us in all aspects of development. They are accomplices of laughter and fun, they also help us develop a wide variety of skills and feed our learning. Toys teach us, give us joy, we learn through them and above all, they amuse us.

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    Reviews of the best toys of 2021

    Catalogue of toys at the best prices:

    What is your ideal toy?

    There are countless models and types of toys so it is normal that it is difficult to decide which toy to buy. In ToysFun.net we have classified them so that you can find what you are looking for.

    Toy Brands

    We show you the characteristics and the best offers of the toys of the main brands in the sector.

    Types of games according to age

    little girl playing with her alphabet blocks on the living room

    Children have various ways of playing depending on the abilities, tastes, personality or needs of each one.

    • From 0-2 years: in this stage the child focuses on his body, on himself and on exploring the environment that surrounds him. At this age the child plays alone throwing toys, assembling constructions, making musical toys sound, etc.
    • From 2-3 years: At this age they play alongside several children but without interacting with them, this is called parallel play.
    • From 3-4 years old: they begin to play with other children but each one plays a different role, this is called associative play.
    • From 4-5 years: here begins to have a cooperative game interacting with their peers and assuming roles.

    As the child grows, the game will be more complex, with rules, with imaginary themes and everything more structured.

    Top Picks

    Here we show you the best selections of the best-selling toys of 2021, we have classified them by characteristics, types or brands so that you can find what you are looking for easily.

    What are toys?

    Toys are usually objects designed for children, through them they can have fun, learn and play. Toys when used by children allow them to develop certain social, emotional or physical capacities.

    There are also toys for domestic animals such as cats and dogs, finding a wide variety of models on the market.

    The origin of the toy is not clear, but there is evidence that in ancient Egypt children played with handmade toys (dolls and weapons) and with miniature objects.

    What are the benefits of toys for children?

    Children from birth have a primary activity: playing continuously. Through toys they will develop all the learning that goes according to the child's evolution and also continuously.

    Early stimulation is very beneficial for the future of the child. Stimulation is done and through crafts where the child will express his emotions and get to know the environment that surrounds him.

    Toys are universal, that is, they exist in all cultures just as they are necessary for early stimulation, always adapting to the child's developmental age.

    • They stimulate the mental and physical processes of children.
    • Can be used for a long period always adapting it to the age of the child.
    • The toy meets the needs of each child.
    • Develop physical, social and emotional skills.
    • Work the individual and collective game.
    • Know the environment that surrounds it.

    What are the best toy brands in the world?

    There are many brands of toys around the world. Of each toy model there are pioneering brands that stand out in the market. The most notable brands worldwide develop, manufacture and distribute their toys themselves, which is why you increase sales year after year, billing exorbitant figures.

    • Lego: This globally famous toy brand earns one percent more each year. Lego's best year of sales was 2016 with a profit of $ 5.1 million.
    • Bandai Namco: Bandai Namco is a leading company in the world of toys and games. In 2019 this Japanese company exceeded 572 million dollars annually.
    • Fisher-Price: Fisher Price is one of the toy brands that stands out the most worldwide. This brand manufactures toys that are intended for the smallest of the house. They have an annual profit of 773 million dollars.
    • Barbie: Barbie has been making dolls most dreamed of by any child in the world for more than 60 years. This company has an annual turnover of about 388 million dollars.
    • Nerf: Nerf is an American brand that specializes in toy guns made of foam, although it makes other toys as well. This brand has a turnover of 297 million dollars per year.
    • Mattel: Mattel modernized the toy industry in 1945. This company makes $ 252 million a year.
    • Hot Wheels: Hot Wheels is an American brand of toy cars that was born in 1968. This brand has a turnover of 232 million dollars a year.
    • Hasbro: Hasbro is an American brand located in the state of Rhode Island since 1923 and was created by the Hassenfeld brothers. This brand has a turnover of 211 million dollars a year.
    • My Little Pony: My Little Pony is a franchise developed by Hasbro that manufactures toys for children between 3 and 6 years old. It is a company that has a turnover of 198 million dollars a year.

    Where can I buy toys?

    Not sure where to buy toys? You can buy toys in specialized stores, in large shopping centers or simply in neighborhood stores. In stores we will find less variety of toys than in online stores since there is not enough space to display everything.

    Online stores are an option that is increasingly used by buyers since it offers us many benefits and advantages such as, for example, we do not need to move from home, we can see customer reviews, there is a wide catalog of toys and returns they are fast if we are not satisfied with the product.

    One of the largest stores in the world and that has a wide catalog of toys with the best brands is Amazon. They serve the customer quickly if we have questions and returns are fast and without the need for explanations.

    boy playing to build a castle on the living room table

    How toys are made?

    How do you make the plastic used for toys? To make plastic for toys, it is done through injection machines with pieces of polymers known as plastic pellets. In the injection machine the plastic pellets are mixed with the desired color and they are melted at high temperature.

    How toys have changed over the years?

    Over the years toys have undergone quite a big change, toys today are made in factories and use materials such as plastic, nylon or foam. The ones of the past were made with unsafe materials and not there was a security control, but today there are strict controls to ensure the safety of children.

    It is also known that in ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, children used miniature statues that represented animals and people. In the 18th century, with the industrial revolution, it helped to create more complex objects with new materials, lower the cost of production and manufacture faster.

    How toys are manufactured?

    The toy sector is the best known worldwide and the most popular. In the European Union, more than 16,000 million euros are generated, generating about 216,000 jobs. Europe is the second largest toy manufacturer in the world, ahead of the US and Japan and behind China.

    Making toys requires following a series of steps:

    1. Design the toy.
    2. The materials that we are going to use to make the toy.
    3. Have a factory and make a production.
    4. That it complies with the safety regulations.
    5. Once the production is finished, distribute it through the stores.

    Where toys came from?

    Toys have been around since ancient civilizations where dolls have been found in primitive tombs. This shows us they have been around for thousands of years.

    In prehistory, historians comment that boys and girls played with toys that were made by hand with bone, clay or wood. In fact, the oldest toy that has been discovered in history is 4,000 years old and was a terracotta rattle discovered in the archaeological site of Turkey.

    It is also known that in ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, children used miniature statues that represented animals and people.

    In the 18th century, with the industrial revolution, it helped to create more complex objects with new materials, lower the cost of production and manufacture faster.

    Why toys are important for kids?

    We assume that every child should play with toys due to the benefits it brings to the child's development.

    • Children through toys develop skills, learn social relationships and know their environment.
    • The game stimulates learning, develops mental abilities and allows them to know a world of textures, sizes, colors and shapes.
    • Encourage imagination and creativity without forgetting that they have fun while playing.
    • You develop motor skills, coordination, balance, muscle control.
    • Playing helps the child to mature in basic mental functions: assimilation, understanding and adaptation to reality.
    • It encourages socialization with adults and with their peers.
    • Build self-confidence.
    • They help in conflict resolution.

    To take full advantage of the benefits of a toy we must:

    • Observe the child while he plays but without interrupting his activity.
    • Ask him what he is doing and see if he shows interest.
    • Play with the child by following his rules.
    • Show him other ways to play and let the child experiment.
    • Buy toys that are appropriate for her age and needs.

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